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DXRacer Iron Series Chair IS133/IS133FT

DXRacer Iron Series Chair IS133/IS133FT

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Did this just drop again recently???
Does this drop have the warranty through DXRacer? I am referring to TSwansons post the last time this was dropped, so I hope this drop is different.
Hey everyone,

I have some bad news about your warranty:

***It doesn’t exist.***

The product page here on Massdrop claims that the chair includes:

“DXRacer Lifetime Warranty for the steel frame, 2 years for chair parts (not including normal wear)”

Well, I got my chair and one of the mechanisms on one arm rest is broken - the button to allow you to move the rest in and out just doesn’t work. So, I called DXRacer to use my 2 year parts warranty, and they told me the following (partially paraphrased because I didn’t record the call, but I’ve not embellished at all):

‘Unfortunately, we cannot honor the warranty because the chairs weren’t sold through us, and Massdrop is using an unknown/unauthorized vendor. Because of that, you don’t have the lifetime or two-year warranty.

We (DXRacer warranty department) were confused about this because we had no idea that Massdrop was selling these chairs.

Unfortunately, you’d need to purchase a new arm rest at full price, at $55.’

Before I even called, DXRacer was wondering what was going on with this drop.

So, I contacted Massdrop about this because, wtf, right? I also asked them to assure me that they’d let everyone who bought the chairs know about their lack of warranty.

After the first reply, Massdrop told me that they can offer me a $55 partial refund to make up for the broken arm rest or a full refund, and that they can’t make DXRacer honor the warranty. Though, they did mention that DXRacer “Normally DXRacer would honor their warranty for products sold on our website. If they are not willing to do so, then you can return the chair to us for a refund.” EDIT: I have confirmed with DXRacer that in the past, when Massdrop has sold chairs THROUGH DXRacer, they have honored the warranty. However, for this drop, they did not go through DXRacer.

They didn’t reply to my request to let everyone else who participated in the drop know about the warranty. They just chose to direct blame at DXRacer.

I declined their $55 partial refund offer because the warranty (LIFETIME and 2-year) is worth a lot more than $55. I’d still have a $430 chair without the warranty that it was supposed to come with.

I emailed back and told them that if I need to accept that they sold us these chairs that don’t have the warranty that was promised, they should be offering more in terms of compensation.

In the final email to them, in which I again asked for assurance that they would notify all participants of the truth about the lack of warranty, I also asked them if they would comment on the statement from DXRacer about Massdrop not using an authorized vendor and about how they could have sold these chairs without DXRacer’s blessing.

Massdrop replied, saying that they cannot disclose vendor information but that they “would be happy to help with future warranty claims for the chair [note from me, TSwanson: whatever that means…]. At this time we are not able facilitate a replacement claim and are only able to help with a refund though.“

So, Massdrop has refused to assure me that they would tell everyone here the truth about the warranty and they (as of this posting) haven’t removed the warranty text on the product page. They don’t appear to be taking responsibility for this error, otherwise they would have immediately removed the warranty text and sent out an explanation to everyone here.

I don’t know about you all, but a large part about what made me buy this chair was the included warranty. I’m sending the chair back for a full refund and buying a new chair through DXRacer so I can get the official warranty. DXRacer support was really helpful and I had their blessing to explain here what happened.
Hey, good looking out. Looks like Massdrop's been caught in a little false advertisement. Whether it was intentional or not, we still did not receive what we paid for. If Massdrop's does not make good on their part of this drop, bbb.org will get a full right up.
Getting a full refund is not near the answer either. You'd have to pay a ridiculous shipping cost to get it back to Massdrop. I no longer have my packaging.
I'll engage them as well.
Let this thread be a warning for the next DXRacer drop.
MassDrop provided me a prepaid return label, thankfully. I would hope they'd do the same for anyone else in my same position.
Just assembled mine. Foot rest and lumbar pillow are not comfortable. I like the head pillow. This thing is a beast shipped at 88 lbs so probably around 80 assembled. It's nice and solid and aside from the above, quite comfortable. I'm curious what others think of the foot rest. Anybody know what the o-rings were for?
I was wondering the same thing about the o-rings. They weren't mentioned in the documentation and I didn't notice them preinstalled anywhere, in case they are spares.

I really like the foot rest. It's only useful and comfortable if I'm reclining, which makes sense. I fell asleep on it already.

The headrest, for my 6' 2" self is positioned too high to be comfortable while strapped on, but if i undo it and lower it to around my shoulders, it's really nice.
Hey, see my new comment at the top. It's about your warranty.
Just got my tracking number, Shipping via FedEx, Mine was shipped from MO, on the 14th. It's gonna be at my door in CA "
Thu 8/17/2017 by end of day" :)
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Hey, see my new comment at the top. It's about your warranty.
Hey, see my new comment at the top. It's about your warranty.
This sucks, I just missed this sale. I wanted to buy one. Hopefully it comes back or another DX Racer chair like the classic series.
Really hope these comeback! How successful was the last drop?
IIRC, 13 chairs were sold.
Anyone have any idea why they have those extra pieces of plastic at the ends of the feet? Looks like there's plastic pieces that align with the three circles, but I can't see any reason they did that. Just one more extra piece to break off...
That's exactly what they are.
They snap onto the legs via those holes there.

I don't imagine them breaking, unless your Roomba has a spinning tungsten blade on top of it.
I will admit, they're a pain to remove. You must make your decision beforehand if you want them on or not.
I forgot to snap them in during the assembly of my chair. It does nothing other than alter the chairs appearance.
Could we get some better screen shots? The left and right sides are just flipped images (as evidenced by the identical leather creases at the headrest) and they just photoshop the logo on the picture.

Also, there are no pictures with the footrest extended. I'd really need to see how far the foot rest goes out.

No pictures of the extra pillows, either...
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I thought I had found every possible video on it out there, but you found the best one. Thanks!
It's the same chair I own. Had it bookmarked for reference.