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Dyson V6 Trigger Bagless Handheld Vacuum

Dyson V6 Trigger Bagless Handheld Vacuum

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International shipping please!I would like to join and invite some friends too...
Hello, I am David. Is the charger 220v compatible?
Hello David do you feel emotions? How do you use these emotions to interact with humans, David?
I owned this vacuum for about a week and then had to return it. The advertised battery life is a blatant marketing distortion of the truth. I never, ever got more than 10-12 minutes of continuous use regardless how long I charged it for. If you set to maximum power, your battery will be drained in 5-6 minutes tops. Don't believe the Dyson hype and find yourself a different wireless handvac.
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Another classic deflection. Blame the user or blame a defective device.
Yawn, if a device is defective it has nothing to do with the overall product. Let me guess you are one of those dudes that leave 1 star reviews on Amazon for a product when you get a defective one. Also yes I can blame the user when they don't read the fine print which once again is not an issue with Dyson itself. They don't hide the runtimes and their runtimes are quite accurate. I mean they will literally give you the run times for each mode with unpowered attachments and if you have powered attachments on as well with both modes. Using the max possible runtime on the product packaging is not misleading or deceptive.
Read this article Dyson Dc34 and Dyson V6 and make the final decision before choosing this product
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This vacuum is $119 on Walmart's website. I am starting to question the "value" when purchasing from massdrop.
It is $169 now. Was probably a one time special.
Check this out : [Removed]
Except its coming from Dysonoutlet on ebay, which has absolutely abysmal ratings.
also, it's refurbished, which I always am doubtful for.
The good dyson models start at v7 and better. Costco sells the v7 for $179. The ionflex by shark you can find from $199-$249 on sale and has the same power maybe slightly more then the dyson v6 with almost all of the tools you’ll Ever need
Don't get fooled by Dyson. Their whole range of products is cheap plastic crap that looks like a nuclear weapon or particle accelerator to trick you.

Dyson batteries go crap too easily, these things aren't as powerful as Shark at picking up dirt and animal hair, the attachments are not interchangeable between Dysons, the collection container is too small and kind of fiddly.
When you have to buy new batteries, and filters they tend to be very expensive. I know this because I had used Dyson almost exclusively for years.

Shark cordless is DA BOM.
It picks up better, I seem to be able to get more collection before needing to empty it, and I can get filters dirt cheap on Amazon. It doesn't need an external battery and the charge lasts a pretty long time.
Trust me on this, I'm an AKC Breeder of Merit of Smooth Fox Terriers and have no less than 4 dogs in my household,(not living in some kennel out back!), at any given time and shedding is just a life-style.

My dogs even love it.

sorry, Massdrop, just being honest here.
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I didn't know potatoes updated their picture quality
I have one of these the batteries are terrible - plus it's built super cheap
How much was it