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Echobox Nomad N1 IEM

Echobox Nomad N1 IEM

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Solid Titanium Flagship With Tuning Filters

The N1 is the flagship in-ear monitor from Echobox, a company known for delivering excellent value in products like the Finder X1. Designed for gaming and music enjoyment, this IEM has solid titanium housings for best-in-class durability and Comply ear tips for top-notch noise isolation. Echobox’s PEEK dynamic drivers produce powerful, expansive audio, while its AFT (Acoustic Filter Tuning) customization system lets you fine-tune the sound signature based on your preferences. Hypoallergenic, sweat resistant, and durable, the N1 is fitted with easily replaceable MMCX cables.

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The Reviews Are In

Describing the sound, Head-Fi user B9Scrambler says, “The Nomad's auditory prowess is truly impressive, delighting the ears with a level of detail, clarity, and control you don't normally get from dynamic drivers. The fact that you can alter the tune with the included filters, albeit somewhat minimally, is icing on the cake.”


  • Echobox
  • Solid titanium housings
  • Signature PEEK dynamic drivers
  • Comply thermal-reactive, noise-isolating ear tips
  • Signature tangle-free cable technology
  • Hypoallergenic and sweat resistant
  • Signature AFT sound-customization filters
  • Replaceable MMCX cable connection


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