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Echobox Traveler IEMs

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Featherweight Titanium IEMs

Featuring solid titanium housings with the cable color of your choice, the Echobox Traveler IEMs are made for a music-filled commute. Durable, compact, and lightweight, they’re also naturally hypoallergenic and sweat resistant. The 9.2-millimeter PEEK dynamic driver delivers a powerful, detailed soundstage, while the Comply thermal-reactive ear tips provide great noise isolation and a comfy fit. On the tangle-free cable, you’ll find an inline mic and remote for taking calls and controlling music playback. SoundGuys says, “On the whole, the Traveler is a solid pick for someone looking to dip their feet into higher-quality earphones that still bode well for a commuter lifestyle. They tick all the boxes for someone on the go: lightweight, tough, pretty good sound quality, and an easily accessible mic and remote.”

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of color (black, blue, orange, or white) and compatibility (Android or iOS).


  • Echobox
  • Solid titanium housings
  • 9.2mm PEEK dynamic driver 
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and sweat resistant
  • Tangle-free cable 
  • Inline mic/remote 


  • Drawstring pouch
  • 5 pairs of silicone ear tips
  • Pair of Comply T-400 foam tips (M)


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