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Ok, I wanted to be nice however I am upset. As of June 26th they canceled my order which was placed on April 16th. It took 12 days before someone told me that they were not going to send me my full order. I agreed to a partial refund for the remainder of the order on June 6th. Then 22 days later they just up and cancel the order all together.

Seriously where are they getting these items from, Craigslist? First I was part of the (in my opinion failed) Giggle Hands Fidget Spinner drop where the item shipped was not what was described. The parts were sent out to fix the misrepresentation however I don't have a press or a vise. How should I go about pressing bearings out to get what I paid for? Now after two months they just cancel my order on a rare item that they decided to offer in the first place. They "allocated" all of my items to other customers. Am I going crazy here? My understanding is that they sold the items I purchased to other customers and are now coming back and saying oops.

While I enjoyed my time looking at "deals" (sometimes you can get a better price elsewhere) here I have to say that I will not be returning. Massdrop, I enjoyed browsing the "deals" however if you keep my money tied up for two months just to return it it seems like unethical business practices. I will be filing a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs in the near future to have these practices documented. Thank you for all the good drops, I am saddened to feel the need to go down this path.

**To all other users, please take my information above with a grain of salt. Don't let my experiences alone sway you away from doing business with this company. I had lots of good drops, it is just that I feel that the response on a bad drop is unacceptable. This is wholly my opinion, you should form your own opinion based off the information available to you.**
The saga continues with this company. Two weeks ago they tell me they will ship my order in two days. Now they have no idea what happened to my order. i have never seen a company screw up such a simple process so badly. All I get is broken promises and appologies.
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Honestly that was the situation I was hoping for. I waited longer to allow them to sort this out on their own without putting pressure on them.

But out of the blue two days ago they sent an email saying that they allocated my remaining items to other orders. I think the best slap in the face is the "credit" they gave didn't work. So basically they held my money for two months interest free.

In all fairness, if they were to reach out I would gladly communicate with them. My new post is a reflection of my experiences with them and they may change. But the ball is in their court and I feel taken advantage of.

I am glad that they were able to get your stuff sent out though. It shows that my experience isn't the norm.
Well it took a lot of back and forth. When I demanded a phone number or a phone call it got shipped out in 24 hours.
How many other people got screwed on this deal? I just found out after several messages that this limited drop I paid for was back ordered. So now I have to wait a week to get a refund for something I paid for a month ago. How did massdrop mess up something so basic? I am very disappointed.
I fell into the same situation Jwak. I ended up taking a partial refund (75%) so I could get something out of this drop. For what its worth, my refund posted today however I haven't gotten tracking for the remaining item(s?) yet.

The reason I was given is as follows, " Unfortunately, one of the units that were going to be sent out in your mystery box, was allocated during the fulfillment process, and we aren't able to source another unit in a reasonable amount of time. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this causes. " My understanding of this wording was that my large item was given/sold to another customer.

They went on to give me the options of full refund or taking the partial order with a partial refund.

Honestly after being in the blunder of a drop for the Giggle Hands Fidget Spinner I figured they would be more attentive to drop issues. It took 13 days before I got any information from Massdrop after putting in a request for information.

Now once in contact with a CSR they were helpful and apologized for the issue. We settled on the partial refund as I just wanted a surprise in the mail. They also gave me a $15 coupon for the next drop I join. While it is not the outcome I wanted, anything is better than nothing.
I am still waiting too. I got a $10 credit for a future drop. It amazes me how a company could mess up such a simple process. You get payment for 50 orders you fill fifty orders. What really upsets me is if I hadn't been paying attention I would have lost my money all together.
I'm still waiting on mine. It's frustrating that some got theirs weeks ago.
Got my box:
Titanium Keybar
Maratac AAA Flashlight
Spyderco Salt
Spyderco Delica
H&K Axis folding knife by Benchmade

No complaints at all. The keybar was a nice surprise.
I have not seen it mentioned yet, but did anyone get lock picks? They were implied as part of the drop by the title image but I know some states have rules against them, so I suspect they were only sent out to "legal" locations.
Klean Kanteen 64oz insulated
EcoVessel Triple insulated (has a cool strainer built in for ice, fruit and tea)
OLight S1 Baton
Maserin folding knife
Boker Plus Kwaiken.

Pretty happy with my haul. Would've liked a Spyderco in place of the Maserin I got but can't complain considering what I paid!
maratac extreme aaa light
boker tactical kwaiken
spyderco h1 dragonfly
two pairs of gloves
Please explain to me why I paid $100 for a mystery box promising to be worth $200 and all I received was a $70 flashlight! How do I get a refund?
A couple of people got two boxes rather than one. Someone below also got a single flashlight, but another box arrived a day or so later.
Zak416 and myself also got two separate boxes. My flashlight arrived last Friday and the box with the rest of my items arrived yesterday. Just be patient.
So it turns out I was suppose to get two boxes and not just the one that I originally received. My box contained:

OLight S1 Baton in copper
Maserin COD 170/EB
Boker Kwaiken in black
Carbon fiber money clip
64oz Ecovessel Growler

Greatly satisfied!
My second box should be waiting for my when I get home from work. I'm curious to see if we end up with a lot of the same things.
Boker Kwaiken
Spyderco Salt
64oz insulated growler
Keychain flashlight
Mini Iso keychain (no tritium, obviously)

Little bit jealous of the other boxes, but very happy too. The Kwaiken will become the new edc, until the Falcon arrives this winter. The salt is going into the emergency supplies bag. Not sure that I have a use for the flashlight or tritium keychain. May buy a vial at some point just to make it used. Will make sure I find use for the growler, even though its not something I generally use. Time to find an lq that sells from the tap.
Sad I missed it, didn't even get a notification.
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Was the drop shown before it went live like the falcon knife or was it like Bam it's here then gone
No. I do not remember getting any warning. Might have got an email, but not sure.