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EdgeCraft M100 Knife Sharpener

EdgeCraft M100 Knife Sharpener

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guys dont use this for your knives. its not good.
I've used this in the past. It'll tear up your knives. Manually sharpening knives takes me maybe 5 min per knife. 800 grit waterstone. 3000 grit. Then diamond paste on leather strop. Between sharpenings I use a Mac ceramic "steeling" rod to straighten the edge. the previous poster was pretty spot on; if you like your knives don't use this. Otherwise I'd use this for sharpening my 4-star henckles 8"chef I use in my garden. (Really. I do)
Ok MD.
Now I might order.
I know doing it by hand is best but I can't afford the labor time right now.

Anyone use this or have any suggestions? I've got 6 knives used heavily daily. Doing a knife exchange isn't good enough. I need daily maintenance.
I own one of these. In my opinion, there is a bit of a cost vs benefit situation with this.

1. You own a very expensive knife that you never, ever want to replace: Don't use this. Like all sharpening, it works by removing metal from the knife, but it takes more than a professional sharpener would.
2. You can bare the time or expense cost of sharpening knives by yourself or a professional: Do that instead. If you are only sharpening a knife two to four times a year, you'll get better results from a professional.
3. Your knife has some weird edge angle: This won't accommodate that. It is designed for the most common knives.
4. You require unbelievable sharpness: Go with the professionals. Don't get me wrong, this gives you a very good edge, but it will never do as well as a skilled professional.
5. You have mid to low (why?) quality knives: Use this, it works great and you'd need to replace the knives anyway.
6. You use the hell out of your knives: Same as #5 and, from your description, you'd have to replace your knives frequently anyway.
7. You cook with knives as sharp as butter knives and don't see why you'd need to sharpen anything: 1) Stop inviting me over to "teach you to cook", if I can't cut an onion with your knife, I'm not touching it. 2) Get this so you don't cut the shit out of yourself and try to remember to use it once in a while.

tl;dr: If you have expensive knives or have use cases with odd requirements, don't touch this. Otherwise, it is great, but it will wear your knives out quickly.
Ordering one.
Just deciding where from and if it's the exact same model.
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