Edifier R1280DB Active Studio Bluetooth Speaker Setsearch

Edifier R1280DB Active Studio Bluetooth Speaker Set

Edifier R1280DB Active Studio Bluetooth Speaker Set

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how are these compared to the klipsch promedia 2.1 speakers?
Why is this US only.. I need these!
Anyone know the dimensions of these speakers?
Some I'm a little torn here. I'm looking for a good set of speakers for my modest dorm set up, and my decision was narrowed down to these(1280s) and the Lunas.

Unfortunately, I just missed the Lunas...

Can anyone shed some light on the differences between the two?

I'm looking for a tight low end with a little punch(maybe even a little sub-bass?), clear mids for music, and detailed highs for games.
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Wow that was way more in depth than I was expecting! Thanks! I've been trying to shy away from buying a standalone receiver just to keep things minimal (I also already have a lot of stuff in the console already) but it seems like the more research I do, the more I might have to invest. Either that or find another use for my brand new Edifiers and get another set of bookshelf speakers with more inputs. Thanks again for the rundown though, that is super helpful!
No problem, I try to help out where I can... Massdrop forums are more product focused, and are kind of hit and miss for assembly and wiring concerns. Head Fi and Reddit are loaded with great ideas if you want to try them out. Good luck with your reasearch!
The model that they are selling is different than the pictures shown. But not by much! Bedsides the RCA input and Bluetooth. This model has optical and coaxial inputs as well.
The description says so but the pictures don't show them.
Only the RCA jacks.
I think MD might even have a more rare version. :D
Hi would the costing be for international shipping? or is this another usa only drop again?

Shipping Costs to Australia, would be ace.
I need the dimensions, please!
Hi there!

146mm x 234mm x 196mm

Pulled those from a seemingly legitimate german tech site:


Hopefully mods can confirm/deny these dimensions?
Can't say it has no aux though since it does. However these cost 99 on Amazon with much better shipping than this. Possibly check out the 1700bt
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Wait DB or BT?
BT doesn't show up Google wise.
Good call. DB. Edited my post.
Without looking online.
I seriously need a BT speaker set for gaming and TV but not prohibitively expensive as it'll be rarely used.
It's in another room etc for guests.
Let's be honest, I don't have guests.
This a good one?

Am I reading it right, no AUX?
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Mine are the 1200t. But I think they are identical other than Bluetooth. The 1200t drop for around $60 pretty frequently, which is a rocking price!
Howdy Sir.
I think that if you were to use an adapter that its possible to degrade the sound quality. However, if you used a Aux to RCA cable of quality you should not have any reduced sound quality.
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