Edifier S760D 5.1 Home/Gaming Surround Sound Systemsearch

Edifier S760D 5.1 Home/Gaming Surround Sound System

Edifier S760D 5.1 Home/Gaming Surround Sound System

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I have the logitech z5500. How would these compare in sound quality?.
$600 gets you a passable 5.1 receiver and the pioneer Andrew Jones speakers & a decent sub. Am I missing something here? Coming from someone who owned and loved a Logitech z5300 setup.
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Hold up, that's a fantastic speaker combo, but it doesn't nearly get close to the power this set has . I originally was gonna get the SP-PK52FS set, an upgrade from my Log z623 setup?
Please explain. I am unable to locate any distinction between peak/RMS wattage on this set for the sake of comparision.

Here's my on the spot comp setup, but there's plenty of wiggle room in the $600 price to swap some things in and out:
Yamaha RX-V383BL or Denon AVRS530BT - Amazon - $230 now, but you can find better/cheaper if you wait
Harman Infinity Reference Sub - $170
2x pairs of the AJ - $60 each, regularly from Fry's
Andrew Jones center - $20 - $80 depending on when/where you get it
Speaker Wire - $20

A few more $ or more patience will land you 2x of the Andrew Jones towers for your fronts, if desired.
Absolutely love mine!
received the two sets I purchased ahead of time and they are amazing! I may buy another set on e it drops again.

The speaker do fall into this odd category of too big to mount with keyhole articulating mounts and too small to fit side gripping articulating mounts...

What do other owners use to mount them?

The keyhole mount to the wall feels like leaved very little room for the wires, and would rattle without bottom rubber bumpers at least.
Can anyone that has purchased this drop in the past chime in with how long it took you to receive the product after it shipped? I am in the US.

Trying to gauge whether the transit time will be a week or 4 weeks.

Thank You :)
I got this shipped to me in 4 days from when the drop was scheduled to ship. Yes it works on 110 volt version 2017 model.

The system needs a little setup and works best using the analog inputs so that games split the output for center and surround properly. Otherwise you can use the optical toslink cable for DTS decoding etc. I had to turn up bass which affects the L/R speakers only and this ended up correcting a shallow sound out of the box uncorrected. Subwoofer level might even be best turned down a couple notches for some music. It hits hard!
Thanks!! It was supposed to ship the 10th it actually shipped the 4th (from TX) and will be arriving in Seattle on the 11th!! Can’t wait!!
Can I use this in Korea also?
I mean this set support 220V.
I need this answered for the opposite reason. When I looked up clearer images of the back of the unit they all show a 220v rating. Will this need a transformer to run on 110?
This was a 110 volt version so no conversion unless running 220v system.
the cooling fins on rear is puny, on mine they fill top to bottom
Digital amps do not need a massive heatsink like an analog amp of old. While listening at moderate volume levels (40 on the control which seems less than half), I can put my hand on the puny heatsink, and it is warm only.

Correction the max volume level is 60 on the controller so this does not get as hot as you might think. I cranked it up by accident to test and ouch my ears. (Note this is my replacement computer setup as I had a Logitech 4.1 system for over a decade).
The grand irony of things lol
Missed the last drop by 1 person, and now I have a need to purchase 2 of these sets lol... Lets go! Let's get this party started! :D
Where were all these requesters a few days ago? lol Hope this drop comes back pretty soon! :)
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Its back!
Thanks! I ordered 2 :)
Really appreciate the quick comeback for this drop! <3
Well that sucked.. :(
First drop I ever participate in and it doesn‘t even get 3 purchases... It was actually to be a birthday gift to me from my wife..
While I can appreciate systems like this for gaming, I have a 5.1 setup myself, I would suggest there are better ways. Generally you'll want to use HDMI out for audio through a 4k receiver (I'm running a Denon AVR2300 myself) which then drives a display and your speakers. The only limitation in that case would be the requirement for HDMI over Displayport and a limit of 60hz at 4k. The advantage would be support for HD audio formats and likely better sound quality overall depending on your choice of speakers.

Where this system would make sense is if you are running a single high refresh display where an AV Receiver would not work.
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HDMI can pass higher resolution audio (ie Blu-Ray HD audio formats) where Toslink cannot. This isn't really an issue if you are just playing games where the OS generally does the separation of channels directly (ie not sending bitstream out).
Gotch'a, thanks! I use HDMI on my home theater but toslink on my computer. I'm only using 3.1 out of the 5.1 setup for my computer though, and haven't noticed any issues.