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Where were all these requesters a few days ago? lol Hope this drop comes back pretty soon! :)
I checked my past emails and they put this back up about every two months. Hopefully we can hit 3 next time around.
Well that sucked.. :(
First drop I ever participate in and it doesn‘t even get 3 purchases... It was actually to be a birthday gift to me from my wife..
While I can appreciate systems like this for gaming, I have a 5.1 setup myself, I would suggest there are better ways. Generally you'll want to use HDMI out for audio through a 4k receiver (I'm running a Denon AVR2300 myself) which then drives a display and your speakers. The only limitation in that case would be the requirement for HDMI over Displayport and a limit of 60hz at 4k. The advantage would be support for HD audio formats and likely better sound quality overall depending on your choice of speakers.

Where this system would make sense is if you are running a single high refresh display where an AV Receiver would not work.
What happens if we don’t get 3 people to join the drop?
Our orders get canceled:
Thanks! I was looking for this but my search didn't turn it up Hmmmm. Thats unfortunate. I have shared it with some friends hoping at least 1 more would pick it up lol.
Send to Canada, i will BUY right NOW!
Last 2 times you did this one it was between paychecks in a way I wasnt able to buy :(
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We've all had times where we're tight between a couple of checks... it's no big deal. Maybe he just made a big payment on his house or car or other loan to get it paid off and couldn't justify dropping 6 bills on a speaker set. If he's scrounging between every check, that's one thing... but from what he said it doesn't sound like that's the case.
True true, Im not naver so I don't know his life.
Would this work as the main sound system for my girlfriend's TV? I've been meaning to get her a proper sound system and hook it up. Is it easy to hook up?
In terms of sound quality for music purposes, how do these compare to studio monitors such as the JBL LSR30x?
Well, it's going to be a more "colored" sound. Things like the JBL LSR's and Yamaha HE series are not really for sitting and enjoying your music or movies, they're studio monitors. As opposed to bass you basically get this feeling that "bass was played, and it sounded like this", it gives you a pretty flat response curve, and a very narrow stereo field, so you've gotta position yourself in the sweet spot for decent audio.

This is going to be closer to a home theater system, but you're still better off building a quality 2.1 system for less money, in my opinion. The only exception being if you plan to use this for watching movies, in which case you're going to want a real AV receiver that can handle formats other than DTS.
Anyone is Canada that want the speakers without the Sub let me know. I'm selling them for a measley 200$ CAD. For 5 speakers including the center speaker. I could also ship to the US no biggie.
In Canada and I might be interested, how do you want to figure this out?
My email is
As a former Z5500 and current S760D owner, since May of this year, I strongly suggest to anyone considering this same transition to absolutely go ahead and pull the trigger!
This 5.1 system is in another league compared to the Z5500, trust me! I did expect a difference, but damn... the S760D honestly exceeded my expectations. This system sound very neutral and much MUCH cleaner than the Logitech, the biggest difference is in the mids and highs. Compared to the tweeterless Z5500 satellites, details you didn't know were there can be easily heard, the bass is even thicker and more "robust" so to say, while not overpowering the rest of the range, it's very nicely balanced.
Only issue is the oddly shaped remote, which is very elongated and wobbles when pressing buttons on a flat surface.
Also the market for used Z5500's is pretty much still alive, so you could easily sell them off. Believe me, you won't regret this purchase :)
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surround gaming is basically dead. Even games that offer "surround sound" gaming are just upscaling stereo and using some tricks to make it sound like surround. True positional audio died about a decade ago when they killed alchemy/A3D. You're STILL better off with a solid 2.1 system unless you want to specifically watch movies, and then you're going to want an actual receiver that can decode audio formats outside of DTS, most likely.

For roughly the same price as this you could pick up a pair of kef Q100s and an emotiva a100 mini X, and have a much better overall experience. You can always build or roll a sub in later, or even use the q100's as satellites in a surround system.
Exactly. *thumbs up*

I put together a great 2.1 system for $100-150 less than the drop. The additional 3 satellites are unnecessary, imo.