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EGEN Cellink Dash Cam Battery NEO

EGEN Cellink Dash Cam Battery NEO

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This is my second attempt to order this item. The first time, I only received the cables and no battery. This time, I received the battery with the hardwire kit but did not receive the output cable (female cigarette socket to connect to a dashcam).. The manuals came filthy and looks like they were used and just thrown in there. I also got some hair as a bonus item..

I have a battery that is useless without any way of connecting to my dashcam.. Hope massdrop fixes this drop or completely discontinue it.

really bad customer service. First the battery was delayed by a month , then when it arrived you gave me the wrong wires (direct hardwire kit & spliced hardwire kit) instead of the cigarette port cable that i paid the extra $20 for. Is massdrop going to refund me the extra $20 or send me the right cables????
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Yeah I got the battery at least. Wrong cables though. They at least issued me a partial refund
samesame how long did it take massdrop to resolve the problem and what was their resolution method? Did they basically tell you to keep the battery and source the wire yourself through the partial refund?

I'm in a similar situation now unfortunately. This is my second attempt at the drop and I got the battery but don't have the female cigarette output needed to connect to any dashcam.
Is it just me or did anybody else only receive the cables? No battery in the small package/envelope..
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Sergiogm23 sorry, I don't get notifications so I didn't see this message till now. I contacted them and they said there was an error in the packing process.. They also didn't have anymore stock at that point so they refunded me and gave me some credit for my next purchase.

Tbh, I don't understand how they "didn't have any stock left." If it wasn't in the package, where did my "reserved" battery go? Time to wait another month...
No worries, I don’t che this site that often either. The same thing happened to me and I got the same response. They told en to return the cables and I would get a refund. I just returned them so let’s see if I get any credit.

I bought teo blackvue cameras a few months ago and I didn’t have any issues so I was hoping for the same on the battery.
currently $279 on after “flashneo” coupon if you dont want to wait, also come with free fuse tap
What's the difference between the Direct Hardwire Cable + Cigarette Input and the Hardwire splice kit? It sounds like the first one include both the hardwire cable to hardwire into the fuses and the cigarette socket to plug your dashcam into while the latter sounds like it's just the hardwire kit for the fuse and no output socket?

The options are very confusing.
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So what extra kit should I choose if I want the battery to power blackvue dash cam?
Add the $20 wiring package (hardwire kit and the cigarette female).
I use the hardwire kit to tap into a non-live fuse. I bought a cigarette charging cable for myself in-case I want to charge the battery inside the house (12V cigarette charging cable) or if you don't want to hardware.
Are fuse tap included?
Not sure if Massdrop includes the fuse tap. I got mine via a Blackboxmycar and came with a choice of fuse tap.
Here is a handy chart for anyone confused.
Left side - cable options to charge the battery.
Right side - cable options to power the dash camera.
How long are all the wires (for all kit types)? I want to put the battery in the trunk with the power source (fuse box) in the glove compartment..
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You can use the hardwire cable (that comes included with most dash camera kits) and then add a 12 volt plug (shown below) for power and ground. That way you can tap the ACC wire to a fuse which is only powered when the car in on. This will allow the camera to switch to parking mode.
I plan to use the include hardwire kit and fuse tap into ACC. By doing so allows the NEO to charge at 9amp vs 5amps (cigarette plug).
I will be using the parking mode via the NEO.
Could someone confirm the drop price?
Missed it. What was the drop $$ ?
The drop is live again. $254.99 if one more person joins.