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Bulk order shipped! The vendor informed us that the group's order was picked up and is on its way to our warehouse in New Jersey. Based on the tracking provided, the order is scheduled to arrive on 10/28.

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of course one day after i buy one of these kits from microcenter and get it installed, this pops up.
Buy and return the new one to them if you have the time frame to return it.
plus i'm new so plz don't judge me
hey anybody who knows when it stops saying
Status: pending payment

because now theres a smaller amount of time and it still says it
anybody who can help me plz....
It will stop saying that when the timer runs out. Currently I'm staring at 7h left in this particular drop. After the timer runs out you will be charged for your purchase however you decided to pay for it, i.e. paypal, bank account, etc. Then, you wait until your package, stuffed inside a box with Massdrops logo on it arrives at your door in the very near future and you get super excited about opening up the awesomeness inside it! ;)
BTW, this is a very good AIO H2O solution. Good choice if you did indeed purchase it. EK's line of products are very well made. I'm currently using one of their 360 Coolstream radiators in my build and am very satisfied with it's heat dissipating capabilities.
I`ll buy a predator 280 if they can sell it here.
now don't shoot me fellas, just a question:

as far as PERFORMANCE goes, what are the benefits of this KIT compared to a corsair H115i?

i know this ekwb kit is extremelly well maid and it looks prettier if done right.

but what about actual cooling performance?

from what i can see in benchmarks, corsair AIO kits actually perform better.

so besides fit and finish and looks, what is the benefit?

i'm currently on a 6700k oc'ed to 4.5 on minimal voltage increase on a noctua nh-d14.

i'm on the fence between this ekbw and a AIO from either swifttech or corsair. But i just don't see a single performance increase over cheap AIO kits that justifies the price differencial.
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You should look into the new EKWB predators with quick detach so you can add a GPU block later on if you want to. With custom loop, you can set your fans to a low speed and have a quiet setup while keep everything cool but require more radiator space.
The rads can last for years and pumps don't. So all in one coolers have this problem when the pumps die everything goes in the garbage. Also you cannot replace the tubing as easy on AIO cooling setups like ya can with this EK kit. Longevity wise the EK kit is the way to go.
I'm glad to see EK products here on Massdrop, but I really wish that the Slim series wasn't the only one available. If you go to the EKWB site, there are 4 lines of kits, from the Slim radiator types sold in this drop, to the mid grade "L" and "P" series, to the "Extreme" tagged "X" series. Of those 4 listed, I'd be most interested in the "X" series, especially if Massdrop could get a good price - https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-kit-x360 . In addition, EK has recently come out with an all-in-one expandable kit, the "Predator" models, which would be another top of the line offering I'd like to see here on Massdrop - https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-xlc-predator-360-incl-qdc .

Please allow a wider selection of EK Kits / AIOs to be part of the drop!@
holy crap, thats a really good deal for wc starters!
Anyone wanting to get into water cooling this is a great deal IMO. This kind of set gives rookies the chance to try water cooling and maybe expand it later down the road if they really enjoy it. EK is extremely reliable and they stand behind their products and I personally don't even think twice about using EK for water cooling.

I nearly ran outta fittings putting this one together and the ugly blue one was replaced. Bottom rad is EK. CPU and GPU blocks are both EK. A bunch of the fittings are EK too.
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sorry I don't understand.
lol... neither do I. Musta been a drunk post lol.