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Elecfreaks Arduino Absolute Beginner Starter Kit

Elecfreaks Arduino Absolute Beginner Starter Kit

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Guided Arduino Projects

A great way to learn how to build and program Arduino-compatible devices, the Elecfreaks Absolute Beginner Arduino Starter Kit is filled with components to help ease you into electronics theory. Inside, you’ll find a Freearduino Uno board, an infrared remote control, a mini servo, a mini motor, a fan, clear and colored LEDs, jumper wires, and an array of sensor bricks. The kit will teach you how to assemble and use basic sensors, create flashing light patterns, control fans, and more—all with guided walk-throughs on how to complete each project


SainSmart ES120 Rechargeable Screwdriver (Optional)

  • Work voltage: DC3-5V
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • No-load speed: About 270 rpm
  • Electronic torque: 2.8 kgf.cm
  • Maximum torque: 30 kgf.cm (manual mode)
  • Screwdriver bit: 4M hexagon
  • Charging time: 45 minutes
  • Running time: 30 minutes (full power)
  • Charging mode: Micro USB 5V input
  • OLED screen
  • Battery: 10440 lithium-ion
  • Rotor: Bi-directional overrunning clutch
  • Gearbox: 1:144 integrated planetary gearbox
  • Motor: 25,000 rpm brush motor
  • Main chip: STM32
  • Sensor: Angular velocity sensor

SainSmart Pro 32-Piece Soldering Tool Set (Optional) 

  • Operating voltage: 12V to 24V
  • Power: 17W to 65W
  • Screen: OLED
  • USB port: Micro USB
  • Power port: DC5525
  • Temperature stability: ± 2%
  • Soldering tip resistance to ground: < 2Ω
  • Temperature range: 212–752°F (100–400°C)
  • Dimensions, control part: 3.8 x 0.6 in (9.6 x 1.65 cm)
  • Dimensions, heating part: 2.8 x 0.2 in (7.2 x 0.55 cm)
  • Compliant with EU certification: CE FCC
  • Included w/ SainSmart Assembled 3-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm
  • 3 servo motors
  • 2 multifunction steering brackets
  • 2 long U-shaped brackets
  • A-shaped bracket
  • 2 cup bearings
  • Alloy mechanical gripper
  • Hardware


Included w/ ES120 Electric Screwdriver

  • Electric screwdriver
  • SL2.0 straight screwdriver bit
  • PH00 hex screwdriver bit
  • ES-B7 screwdriver bits set (7 pcs)
  • ES-A7 screwdriver bits set (7 pcs)

Included w/ Pro 32-Piece Soldering Tool Set

  • Pro32 digital soldering iron
  • PR-I soldering tip
  • B2 and BC2 soldering tips
  • Hex key
  • 19V power supply
  • Solder tip cleaning ball

Included w/ Elecfreaks Arduino Absolute Beginner Starter Kit

  • Freearduino Uno board
  • Mini-USB cable    
  • LED brick
  • Push button brick
  • LDR sensor brick
  • Vibration sensor brick
  • Passive buzzer brick
  • PIR sensor brick
  • Soil moisture sensor brick
  • Channel relay brick
  • Rotary encoder brick 
  • Mini servo
  • Temperature and humidity sensor brick
  • Segment LED brick
  • IR receiver sensor brick
  • Infrared remote control
  • Mini motor 
  • Mini fan 
  • 30 jumper wires


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