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ElecFreaks Arduino Advanced Kit

ElecFreaks Arduino Advanced Kit

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The quality is not great. Some of the components just did not work.
This seems like a great deal, but I have zero Arduino experience. I'm just toying with my raspberry pis. How is this value? Is this a good starter kit?
Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Hooking up a micro controller and a shield is easy and all of this is stupid cheap on eBay. (I am paying 3.50 for Arduino unos on there to give you an idea, most shields are $5-$8). eBay is where to buy electronics like this direct from China. If you need specialized ICs down the road consider digikey.

If you are trying to just mess with C and do little fun things this is cool, if you are trying to build actual prototypes for things you are interested in I suggest you just get what you need for those prototypes.

If you are trying to learn how to build electronics I suggest not buying Shields and building your own components that fit your requirements. These Shields and microcontrollers are for tinkering more than they are for building real things or learning electrical engineering.
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