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Elecfreaks Robotic Arm

Elecfreaks Robotic Arm

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An Introduction to Robotic Arms

The ElecFreaks FreaksArm is a four-axis, Arduino-based robotic arm. Simple to assemble with no soldering required, it’s a fun and educational tool for kids and beginners to learn elementary robotics, electronics, and programming. Made from laser-cut wood parts, it can be assembled in about one hour. Use it to pick up your bag of chips or fist pump to your favorite song. Plus, you can download FreaksArm designs, codes, and PCB schematics for free.

Elecfreaks Robotic Arm
Elecfreaks Robotic Arm
Elecfreaks Robotic Arm

Demo Video


  • ElecFreaks
  • FreaksARM
  • 4 mini servos
  • Freaduino UNO
  • 2 joystick modules
  • USB cable


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