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Am I the only one who haven't been able to make it work?
I got all the buildings done, but it doesn't work. I tried changing some servo orders ( I found someone saying the instruction had errors with servo orders), and I also tried connecting it with 9v battery.
Wasn't impressed with the last model (acrylic instead of wood). The whole arm sits on a single servo which makes everything loose, and moving through its full range gets it stuck often. It looks like this model has some similar design faults.

Also, it broke and was falling apart from shipping. I should've returned it due to the damage, instead I've ended up fixing it a few times.

I wasn't expecting much but the thing can't pickup anything.
Its really cool products ,I often buy items from Massdrop , I like this Freakarm .
How agile and gentle would you say it would be on the nether regions (just asking not that I plan to do anything sort of that with it).
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just use a lot of oil on the main joint and it should be smooth running.
I think by using brush-less DC motor with encoder can give you some speed if you really want to. They are not cheap, but much stronger.
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