Elecrow 10.1-Inch IPS LCD Display for Raspberry Pisearch

Elecrow 10.1-Inch IPS LCD Display for Raspberry Pi

Elecrow 10.1-Inch IPS LCD Display for Raspberry Pi

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Considering this for an RPI field kit in a Pelican case. Input?
Does this require a custom kernel? I've been burned in the past buying pi screens that required a custom patched kernel with closed-source binaries and no reasonable way to know if I'm adding spyware to my home automation projects.

Edit: whoops, it's just an HDMI monitor, the ones that patch the kernel are the ones that use the GPIO pins for video out; I should drink my coffee before posting comments on the internet. :)
This is glass or plastic touch screen?
Mine was just delivered, opened it up and everything looks good. There's a video on the waveshare wiki that explains how to setup the acrylic stand, it's not as intuitive as I thought. It came with 1 flat HDMI cable, 1 USB micro cable, and 1 power adapter with USB port. You'll need a second USB micro cable to use the touch and power it at the same time. Looks good though, I'll set it up and plug it into a few things later to test it out.
Also got mine in and a second, shorter Micro-USB cable was included to make the "touch" connection. You'll need to alter your boot settings to display with a Raspberry Pi or the like. Fired right up and worked great connected to A Kangaroo PC running windows 10, the touch works very well.
Cant this work with any computer? Not just Pi?
I'm curious too.
Yes, the website includes instructions for Pi and PC. Basically anything with HDMI output will work, and most PC can use the "driverless" touch.
Curious if anyone has used this? 10" touch screens for Raspberry Pi don't seem to be very common.
Looking at the Elecrow website, and this one looks like it'd be good as a streaming music interface paired with a USB DAC.
To be clear , the screen does not come with a pi correct? I’m new to the whole concept. I have a few project ideas. First I’m going to try retrofiting this in my car for monitoring ecu information on the fly, as well as navigation and browsing and whathaveyou. If anyone has suggestions and sites where I can go to do all this with limited research id be much appreciated. it Looks like this is a very good ips touchscreen though, and I do like the back part of it. looks very easy to make a custom bracket to mount it on my Control stack.
You are correct. This does not come with a pi. It sounds like what you want is to have something like Android for Cars. Check out https://www.android.com/auto/ ... There are a couple of companies making car interface boards (canbus) for RPi and BBB. Check this guy's approach to get ideas. https://www.autopi.io/blog/build-a-raspberry-pi-touch-screen-car-computer/
Hi! Could someone from Massdrop please list the contrast ratio and brightness specs for the monitor. Thanks! This is very much necessary.
I feel like this one from Elecrow has a better stand. Otherwise it seems like the same display, and it's the same price.

I do like the better stand/case for the display you linked to, but I think it's a different screen. The layout of the connectors on the control board is pretty different, and also the display you linked to has 500:1 contrast ratio (which is horrible). Also, the display for sale here at Massdrop is listed for $139 at Elecrow, and there has to be a reason it's more expensive.
They are wrong the only one that is even close sales for $195.00, and the other 2 do not have the case that's extra
Wow i could go on pisupply and get this for half lol
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Would love to see this link? This is exactly what I have been looking for!
I just checked, nothing even comes close to this deal and those that do aren't in stock.
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