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Mine came in today! Satisfied with the watch for the money


It appears, when going through the models options, there are two dial designs available. Can Massdrop or Enclave please confirm this? The models with the suede leather strap appear to have a design with tick marks and encircled subdials, and different font on the ENCLAVE logo, perhaps even different writing besides ENCLAVE... models with mesh or tweed appear to lack those features, so are you using old out of date photos, or are you failing to properly detail the available models on this page?
And it is not possible to zoom in on the options photos or save them to zoom in a different app, so what exactly do you expect from your customers when they receive a model that looks completely different than what you have detailed? You are really letting us down here. Each model is unique and interesting and you are robbing us of being able to make an informed choice, and you are making yourselves look like incompetent boobs who can't make a web site. Which is exactly your job, to make a web site.
This is such a popular design right now. The face on this one is nice it actually has markers on the chrono dials
Just buy a Timex Weekender from a heritage brand for the same money, including a warranty and skip this thing...
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Sorry I didn't mean to be sarcastic or anything of that sort! I love the watch, actually I'd love it for a daily driver, that's why sapphire makes sense to me
i don't doubt you in saying that this is not a good watch, but i hate the default "just buy a Timex" comments, because the Timexes are ticking too fucking loud, especially the alloy ones.
Not good quality
i got two of these watches, the first one broke after one week( the long arrow falled in the case of the watch). The second one after fews weeks the long arrow (chrono arrow) mooved a little bit to the left so the chrono arrow was not starting at 12 it was starting at 11, but the chrono was still working and the watch to. now it's been about 1 year since I got it (the second one) and the mechanism to lock the watch bracelet was loose and the watch droped from around 1 meter and the long arrow falled again like the frist time. And btw i was having the metal bracelet. I i apologize for my bad English usually im speaking french.
So I bought this watch in the previous drop and I have been using it as my daily watch. If you want to see images, there are plenty already uploaded by others but here are my 2 cents regardless.
It is an excellent watch, no two ways about it. Everywhere a watch would have been as a daily watch (other than the shower and swimming with it), it has been. So I will divide this as a pro/con list to make it easy for you. My watch is the blue face, silver casing and tan strap (highly suggest this as I have seen other combinations in the real world and they are not really the same as the photo).
Pros: 1. The Weight - There are no two ways about this. It feels like as if it hovers in the air. 2. The Design - Can be used either as a dress/casual/business watch any function of the week. 3. The Dial - the numbers and other markers are the correct size to be read easily 4. The Size - at 42mm (sorry you non-metric users, do the conversion yourself), it sits perfectly and comfortably on your wrist, without having to worry about your wrist size in my opinion. 5. The Strap - It is by far the most comfortable strap I have worn in a while. It does not seem to stretch overtime and prolongated use which is important as a daily watch in my opinion.
Cons 1. The Weight - no con here. Go to gym and gain some muscle. 2. The Design - The Luminous numbers and hands take a surprising amount of sun for it to be 'powered'. I honestly think I would grow old and die before it reaches full luminosity (not a deal breaker for me). 3. The Dial - I was completely surprised which hands were switched around. The usual second hand is the stopwatch hand and the stop watch hand is the second hand. 4. The Size - it is fine. No issue here. 5. The Strap - It stains easily. No matter how much you try to clean it, the stain stays there.
Hope this helps :)
As someone else mentioned earlier, there appears to have been a re-design on this watch. I ordered the blue Pilot 41 chrono and it has a polished case rather than brushed, a sort of odd beveled case back, and thinner lugs. Mine also has a strange uneven blue coating on the chrono pushers. It is still a nice watch, but substantially different from the advertised pictures. I will keep it, but personally I would rather have had the version pictured that I thought I was buying. What say you Massdrop?

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I thought they might have been stickers, and I tried pretty hard to peel them off but they wouldn't budge. Assumed it was something else. Anyway, after a little more thought I decided to return the watch as I just felt kind of misled.
Exactly how I felt. Definitely not what was being advertised.
I got my Enclave quickly after the drop ended. The watch looks great, just as depicted on this site. The band has a suede-like finish and is comfortable. My only gripe is with the seconds hand on the chronometer. When you reset the chronograph, it stops at the 58 seconds mark (see pic)! What gives Enclave? Unless there is some obscure way to reset it properly, I find this rather frustrating. I mean, I'm not going to use the watch to time sprinters at the olympics, but come on! Seems like the minimum when making a watch is to make sure all your hands line up correctly. So to make it look right, I have to start the chrono and stop it after two senconds so it lines up with the 12 o'clock mark. Geez!
Nice watch, but with unaligned hands...
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Happy to help :)
thanks for the suggestion! works
Is there a redesign of this watch? I was expecting a brushed metal case with thicker lugs, and mine doesn't look like the pictures.
The website lists this as being 7mm thick. Listed here at 10mm. Which is correct?
Also, does anyone have the lug-to-lug measurement?
So the description for the blue Chrono Pilot 41 on Enclave‘s webpage indicates that the watch has lume on both the hands and the numbers around the dial. Can anyone who owns the blue version of this watch confirm this and / or attach a lume shot? I’d Like to know for certain.
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I got my navy blue Pilot 41 chrono today and I can confirm that it DOES have lume on the hands and numbers as advertised. It's not great lume, and fades pretty fast, but it is lume.
Interesting. Wonder why mine doesn't.
This is a simple, Slick, not complicated watch and a great price.
Enclave Mfg. Co. LLC is a California company founded in 2012 located in Agoura Hills and managed by Daniel Kane, Austin Dutra, and Bret Mathew.
Kane previously raised $400,000 for a metal "wallet" on Kickstarter for his other company, The Ridge Wallet. He graduated from UCSB in 2013.
Can anyone verify the movement for this watch? Looking at the previous drop, the back of the watch said "Swiss Movement" (info I found says that was a Ronda 774). This drop, the back says "Japanese Movement" but I cannot seem to find anything more specific on it. I find myself getting drawn tot he watch - I like it more each time I look at it, but I'm a little skeptical of the movement this time around.....
BTW - the description, that does look to be from the last time around on this watch -- the previous drop was for watches that DID NOT have numbers (which are all those "sold outs" that you see when you join the drop and add the watch you want to the cart).
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I emailed tech support - this is what they said;
Miyota OS11 is the movement!
Estella V | Support Team
Enclave Mfg co. 
So the units we will get are with numerals right? Photos are correct but description seems to be copy pasted from previous drops that are not with numerals?
Yes, but is it an affordable luxury timepiece that removes the middleman and unlocks the secret to luxury watch pricing?
Nice looking watch and inexpensive. I chuckled at the description,"... watch is an exercise in minimalism ...", it's a chronograph, it has a complication and as a result a busy dial with sub wheels/sub dials, I don't see how it can be minimal, but am splitting hairs, it's a pretty watch. :-)
Is someone at MD drunk? from the description:
Absent of numerals, the watch features 11 basic stick markers plus the Enclave name at the 9 o’clock position.
All the pics show a watch with numerals.
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The issue is that those pictures do not match the description on the same page. The description says "free of numerals," while the pictures show numerals.
Haha oh wow, that's some next level confusing indeed!
Many of the felt strap's threads came loose and the battery died within a year of use for me... Aside from obvious quality issues, this watch looks fantastic.
Same issue here.
Whoopie do. The first timepiece I have seen offered in many years that does not disclose on the face of the watch the country of origin/manufacture or the fact that it is a quartz movement. Lemming followers of mass drop may not notice but those of us with a background in horology and/or law recognize the shortcomings of this offer. Only after one digs through the comments does one eventually find out ( maybe ) what is inside as a movement. I am not interested. I will stick with headphones where there is more full disclosure from MassDrop. M-D staff needs a shakeup.
You must have missed the discussions about the MD x HIFIMAN HE4XX headphones. Didn’t bother me, I ordered them anyway.
EDIT: just noticed the age of your post. Maybe that drop had not happened yet.
I was told by a company representative that the movement was a Seiko YM. The two common Seiko Hattori YM movements are the YM62 and the YM92 jewelless quartz movements. It'd most likely be the newer, cheaper, slightly improved YM92A. But both the 62 and 92 have 9 o'clock subdials, whereas this Enclave watch has a large center second hand and nothing at 9 o'clock. So maybe there are other YM movements?
I got the Rose Gold case on the black tweed strap in the 2016 November drop. Very classy and clean looking watch, suitable for a night out or formal wear. The brushed case looks great. The design stands out, but doesn't "scream" for attention. Accuracy has been good, as well.
The only nuisance is that the 2nd keeper band (loop) is a bit too wide and keeps popping off the strap when worn. Not a knack against the watch itself though, which for $100 is a worthwhile purchase.
No blue dial this time? :(
Been wearing mine (blue case, brown strap) every day since April and I'm very pleased with it. It's a humble enough design for where I work not to stand out too much, but still smart enough for me to notice my boss eyeing it off every now and then. Nice and sturdy too. after taking several knocks from both wood and metal services, there are still no scratches anywhere on it. At $100, I feel it's a great choice for anyone (like myself) who want to have something nice on their wrist, but find it difficult to justify buying one of the more expensive pieces on the market.
Hey can you tell me if there is lume on both the hand and the numbers around the dial?
Any update on the lume?
Review: Enclave Chrono Watch
Pros: ++ Inexpensive. (Sub $100) ++ Overall clean look. ++ Face is not cluttered. Easy to read. ++ Wrist band is comfortable. ++ Chronograph complication.
Cons: -- Includes Suede strap instead of full grain leather. (Can we swapped out, however.) -- No back light or glow-in-the-dark function. (May not suit some utilitarians out there.)

Other thoughts: I purchased the gunmetal case with suede strap model of this watch and I really love the dark look, yet clean and simple design. A great evening wear watch. The added chronograph complication is a nice feature. This watch was also inexpensive, so it makes a great first time buyers watch. No low light illumination functions or anything really in the utilitarian department with the exception of the chronograph complication, so it's more geared towards fashion.
I would recommend this product.
Now if only it was a nonchrono it would be mine
Agreed; really wanted the blue dial - can't believe it's sold out already.
why cant i select blue dial? how can it be sould out if each model is limited to 150? Bug?
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I got a fast awnser to this question.
Hello, I was able to get more information and I have been advised that the blue dial with brown leather strap is not available for this drop. I'm sorry about the confusion! Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, and have a great day.
Thank You Hans.
Can someone tell me if the blue dial version has lume on the hands and / or indices for viewing the time at night? Can't seem to find any info or pictures about this on the web.
The blue dial chrono has lume hands, but eh indices are currently not, we're considering making the numbers lume as well in the future, but that would change the color a bit.
And unfortunately the blue dial is sold out at the moment. sorry about that!
Your website indicates the blue dial version has lume on the hands and the numerals around the dial; is this incorrect? If so, you may want to update your website for this version.
Can anybody tell me the purpose of the buttons. I have tried to look for an instruction booklet online but could not find anything. So far i think i have it down the 1.top button start/stops the seconds hand(which isnt a seconds only acts a stop watch 2. the bottom button halts movement of the stopwatch and when clicked again it goes to recording the appropriate time 3. the crown has two settings when the first click it resets the stopwatch and you can adjust the date, at the second click you can adjust the minute 4. dial at 12 o'clock is for recording minutes of the stopwatch dial at 6 o'clock is the actual seconds hand
can anyone confirm this for me. @EnclaveEyewear
sorry for the delay! but yes you pretty much got it! we have a quick run down on our faq
"chronograph" refers to a watch with a built in timer. the top button is start/sop and the bottom button is reset.
and the 2 settings on the main crown button is for the time and the date. 1 click out adjusts the date and 2 clicks out adjusts he time.
hope that helps!
Dead on arrival. I can't get the stopwatch to start at all. The topmost chrono button does not "click" like the bottom, and therefore I cannot start the second hand.
EDIT: This appears to have been an anomaly, and Enclave support has been extremely helpful and attentive in addressing and remedying the issue. Thanks Enclave, I love the watch again.