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When will they ship? It's been 2 weeks since they were supposed to arrive.
Any update on when these will actually ship?
got a non answer from support and then they closed the ticket instead of responding a second time :(
Mass drop support? is unlikely they will know whats going on since its a third party seller/shipper. That said on the date it was supposed to ship they gave me the option to request a refund but i'de rather have my product than do so!

Would of been better if they either explained that or acted on your behalf since they have a more direct line to these people.
Anybody ever come across a similar set of just sushi keys for function keys?? I've been poking around but I can't seem to find anything anywhere? It'd be pretty dope to have like ebi, hamachi, tamago etc keys
Does anyone here know where to get just the scooped F and J keys? Sadly I have an older version of this keyset and it was barred only and I'm thinking about joining this drop just to get the scooped+barred version of this keycap set.
Is this not shipped before mar 25? :(
I hope more EnjoyPBT sets are offered in the future. I’ve always wanted a set and this is an attractive price, but I hate the pastel pink and blue on this set.
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If you want a plain black version, you can purchase some here:

The price includes shipping and also has extra keys for improved compatibility.
KBDfans have a preorder for a similar set:
Is this compatible with the Tada68?
if you are putting Cherry switches on the tada then yes

Is this supposed to come with a centered stem 6.25u spacebar or just an off-center 6.25u and a 7u?
Similar EnjoyPBT but with red accent for $87 on aliexpress --
Iso support would be lovely with this kit.
You can buy ISO modifiers on KBDFans made by EnjoyPBT in the same colors as this set
Any update on the shipping of this drop? I was hoping to get these before December 25th...
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Thanks for the heads up. I've typically received packages from Massdrop in 1 week after they start shipping, but this is the first time I've had anything ship late (even when I bought these keycaps before, they shipped early).
Got the "delayed delivery" email. So safe to say it's not lost anywhere... Yet.