EnjoyPBT Hiragana PBT Dye-Subbed 117-Keycap Setsearch

EnjoyPBT Hiragana PBT Dye-Subbed 117-Keycap Set

EnjoyPBT Hiragana PBT Dye-Subbed 117-Keycap Set

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Just arrived in the UK, not had a chance to put them on anything yet but can't see any defects. :)
I wish there was a 60% version that would be cheaper.
Does anyone knows what case they use?
They look really nice on the right keyboard. I think I posted these images last year, but my keyboard remains unchanged and I still use it today.

Ducky Year of the Rooster

What would be a good keyboard to buy with this? I want the 10 key
My girlfriend said that some of the Japanese letters are wrong. Can anyone verify? I don't believe her.
The letters are not wrong, but the layout is not the typical OADG 109/109A layout which most PC style computers use. The む key and ろ keys for example are in the wrong rows, and all of the punctuation keys are in the locations for US keyboards.
A little of topic here guys, but I'm dying to know how can you create or buy a keyboard with the older (2004) Apple wireless keyboard like the one displayed in the product pictures. Does anybody know?
That's a Magicforce 108.
Ohhh wooow! An exact copy of the Apple A1016 keyboard but with mech switches and replaceable keycaps. Is what I always wanted! Thanks for the tip.
If anyone wants to see an image of the entire set, you can see it here on the second image: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Enjoypbt-keyboard-mechanical-keyboard-keyboarded-hot-117-keycaps-Japanese-keycaps-Dye-Subbed-Keycap-Set/32777283992.html

Looks like the extra spacebars are 7U and 6U, for those interested.

Minor rant, but literally every keycap drop has people asking about the size of certain keys included. To whoever it concerns at Massdrop, it would be enormously helpful to provide the keycap sizes, or include at least one photo with entire set so people can see the actual sizes. When people have to google the product to find other sites and listings to get those details, you aren't providing adequate information on these drops.

/rant off
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Everyone should take a closer look as there are some subtle but important differences. Sun kit has:
1) teal instead of magenta arrows for the tab, shift, backspace and enter mods;
2) 3 extra r1 1u keys;
3) 1 grey r4 1u key instead of a white numpad "00";
4) LED indicator on the stepped caps lock key.

The sushi kit seems more common, but imo sun kit offers better compatibility.

Edit: not sure why isn't massdrop showing the entire kits in the first place. Is this drop different from the usual kits and the only extra keys are those shown in images 5 and 9? Those do make up exactly 117 keys..
Small brain: give complete technical specs on the actual product
Bigger brain: show a complete picture of the keycap sets
Laser brain: let the comment section figure it out
Galaxy brain: force your customers to cycle between images and individually count out 117 keycaps
Does anyone know if a Whitefox in Truefox layout can be completely filled with this set, without any keys looking off-row?
you'll have to use some numpad keys for pg up and pg down, otherwise everything else is standard
How much was this drop?
Just a PSA, mines just shipped out today. Going to make an assumption I am not alone in those regards~ but shipments do seem to be starting.
1 month later. No response...
When will they ship? It's been 2 weeks since they were supposed to arrive.
Any update on when these will actually ship?
got a non answer from support and then they closed the ticket instead of responding a second time :(
Mass drop support? is unlikely they will know whats going on since its a third party seller/shipper. That said on the date it was supposed to ship they gave me the option to request a refund but i'de rather have my product than do so!

Would of been better if they either explained that or acted on your behalf since they have a more direct line to these people.