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Ensso XS Minimalist Pocket Fountain Pen

Ensso XS Minimalist Pocket Fountain Pen

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Today:    Drop status update.
Due to an unexpected delay, these orders may ship later than the original estimated ship date. Our apologies for any inconvenience. If we find that the drop is going to be delayed by more than 30 days, we will let you know.If you would prefer to cancel your order, please contact Community Support using the “Contact Support” button on your transactions page and our Community Support Team will be able to help cancel your order up until it is ready for shipment.
My order went to FedEx on 3/13 and was delivered by USPS yesterday, 3/22 Have you received your shipping notice?
That’s great. I ended up canceling. I’ll join a later drop.
Just got this email:     Drop status update.
We have an important update on your Ensso XS Minimalist Pocket Fountain Pen. Unfortunately, we are tracking behind our original estimated ship date and now expect to begin shipping in early April 2019.We sincerely apologize for the delay. If you have any issues or concerns, please reach out to our Community Support team: https://www.massdrop.com/support. We look forward to you receiving and enjoying your Ensso XS Minimalist Pocket Fountain Pen soon. Thank you for your patience.The Massdrop Team“ 


This was advertised to ship within one business day. Niece ordered it will not ship until March 15th. This is false advertising which the Attorney General is very interested in....
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I will not engage with you beyond this message. Please just know, I am in no way affiliated with Massdrop, nor am I concerned with the possibility of a potential lawsuit. I just wanted to let you know you have no justifiable reason to complain because your problem is predicated on a falsity. The drop always said it was March 15. And now it’s delayed. Ask for your money back and move on.
It the bock nib a number 5 or 6? (Or do they not work like a jowo nib?)
#5, but this kind of Bock #5 is a little shorter than a standard Jowo #5.
Great little pen. Kickstarted them, back when they were having problems with bock suppliers, but the pen is really great. I bought it in brass xf, and the cartridge fill is okay, though I now syringe fill, as I never buy cartridges. I will point out that the o-ring on the tail is rather weakly held, so a dap of silicone glue will do wonders. Other than that, perfect.
Bring back brass please! Sold out when I made my decision! :(
Matte black sold out :( Please come back soon.
brass please!
Would instantly buy if brass came back in stock.
Saw this too late as well, would love matte black!
I saw this too late... would love to see the black and brass back in stock. Bought the silver one because the other two were sold out, but I would much prefer the other ones.
If you make more black available..i would like to buy
Will you add more raw brass option? Would love to select that option
Any recommendations for a converter that will fit inside the pen?
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Check out the discussion below about another similar pen that does have room for a converter inside it: Delike Alpha
The Delike Alpha is a much bigger pen than this. Delike (left) is a copy of a Kaweco Sport (center) and this Ensso is the size of a Kaweco Liliput (right).

I bought 2 of these through the Kickstarter campaign last year, and am pretty satisfied with the look and feel, the nib, everything but the o-ring arrangement for posting the cap. The o-ring is much too easy to lose on the back end. The main section o-ring for closing the cap doesn't move, but the posting o-ring gets a little out of register, pieces of the o-ring sometimes get shaved off when trying to post, and in general, I find that to be a poor design choice and often makes posting awkward. After loosing 2 o-rings, I am currently trying a drop of super glue under the o-ring to see if that improves the experience - it is still not always easy to post the cap... Regarding the weight of the aluminum versus the brass, I definitely favor the weight of the brass version in my pocket for "every day carry", and it shares that honor with 3 Kaweco brass pocket pens (different models and sizes). Since the aluminum one feels a little too light, I keep it at home as a quick extra pen in my living room or at bedside that is always ready to write due to the o-ring cap seal. I think this drop is good value for money overall, especially the brass model that is currently listed at $69 on the ensso site.
I've had the same thing happen with my pen. The o-rings are really prone to falling off. I need to get some extras for when I inevitably lose the last one.
The O ring design has kept me from buying on of these. If it was a threaded design I’d be in.
I have this pen (in brass, black extra-fine nib, black clip). It's awesome, definitely my most used. I'm not a heavy pen user, mainly needing to sign my name a few times daily. Few things to note: It is too small for any of my converters, so I got an old cartridge and refilled it with a syringe. Works great. I was expecting it to dry out, but it's been a few weeks and it's going strong The o-rings are a little soft. I don't know what durometer they are but I have to be very careful when posting the cap on mine to avoid damaging the o-ring. When it wears out I'm planning to replace it with a different one. The pen is very stable with the cap posted on the back. I was concerned about this but it's actually fine. Even without the o-ring it makes a secure fit. The o-ring helps keep it in place, but the metal/metal contact is what takes any load. The Brass one has a good heft to it and I like the balance. The finishing on it is excellent. I didn't even use the built in clip to avoid scratching it (I don't have a problem with it rolling as long as the cap and body are rotated to both be flat) Out of all of my pens, this one writes the best by far. I had mainly given up on FP but this is quite reliable. Way to go with the Bock nib! The nib took longer to finish&ship but it was well worth it in the end. ensso says they did test every pen before shipping so maybe that's why it's so good. --- I'm kind of surprised on the $35 pricing here, since it's lower than kickstarter pricing ($39+$5 if you got the clip) I would say this is one heck of a good deal. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2072772343/xs-pocket-fountain-pen
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http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/uploads/imgs/fpn_1543459843__20180920_220118.jpg Picture of it shortly after being finished, it's forming a really sweet patina over time. Also, raw brass (along with bronze and copper) is antiseptic, so all I really need to do with my pen is wipe it down if I get it exposed to nasty things.
May just have to strip mine down as I do love a good patina, and the coating it has on it feels awkward if you know what I mean...
MassDrop making you think you're actually Saving on this pen but if you actually go on the website you're really not saving anything.
Can you please explain your math on this? I see $59 on the website and $35 here.
Brass model is pictured with a Kaweco nib?
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You can replace the entire nib unit by unscrewing it from the grip section. The Kaweco nibs for the Supra or any Bock #6 nib unit will thread back in. If you are going to use another brand of nib (Jowo, Schmidt and Nemosine #6 nibs would all work) then you will need to pull the nib and reuse the feed and sleeve. A rubber glove helps for grip. Grip firmly from the sides of the nib and wiggle the nib as you pull. It does take some effort. Don't put pressure directly on the feed, you can crack the fins.
I am not entirely sure on the design of the nib/feed section. Some the nibs are built into the unit which makes it impossible to remove and some are separable. if yours is separable then two words: Sticky, tape.
I am gonna pick this up based on my experience with the Piuma that I have had since last summer. That is an excellent pen and things look pretty favorable for this one, too. Ensso is fantastic to work with, too.
I wonder how secure the cap would be.....
it should be fairly secure, i have a parker 45 and a sheaffer targa slim which use friction to post the caps. they have a metal band at the end which simply pushes against the inside of the cap. This pen has an actual o-ring which Im assuming would be more grippy. Only problem is it might wear out faster if you cap and un-cap it a lot/fiddle with it but im sure you can find replacement o-rings.
that pricing says 999.00 down to 35. otherwise this drop looks interesting. i like that it uses bock nibs, supposedly
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They do use bock nibs, I have a black one with a titanium nib set and it writes amazing....
oooooooohhhhh, thats good to know. ive had pens that will supposedly fit a different nib but like try it and it will just not quite want to freaking fit. then again most are semi-antique so...