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Just wanna chime in and say these look great in person! Quality-wise as well as just aesthetically from what I can see, I received mine a couple weeks ago and am just waiting on the frames I had ordered be made for them.
Got mine on Saturday and the print quality is really nice for the $7 each these prints cost. $22 shipped for 3 and they look great and got here way ahead of schedule. I passed on the etched aluminum version due to cost so these were perfect.
Mine showed up today. Quality was much better than I expected for the price.
And for those of you that question the cost of international shipping, I suggest you see for yourself what it costs to ship a 24"x3" 1 pound tube overseas (I used Netherlands as an example for @windowsboot below). And my "commercial plus" discount price is $21.38. Here is a link:
To my amazement this just arrived today. It looks great! That was some unexpectedly quick shipping Massdrop. Good on you.
Too bad that the shipping is so outrageous for a piece of paper to The Netherlands....
U.K. Shipping is ridiculous!!
Same for maple country.
how come these prints are so much cheaper than last drop? Is it because these are not silk screen printed?
21 dollars for shipping a piece of paper ? Are you sure guys ?
Let me do it another way :
You can have a one way plane ticket New-York to Paris for 450€ with air france
That gives you access to have a baggage size were "L+l+h = 158cm", so, for our 18*24 inch poster, we have an available heigh of 45 cm !
As a poster is 2 mm thick, , so you can put 225 friggin poster in a single luggage !
Thats make a 2 euros fare for shipping, INCLUDING YOU !( 4 euros if you want to have you trip back)
So, i can pick you up at the airport 25 march at 8pm if that's okay ?
What's the mechanical switch one? It doesn't look like any Cherry, Topre, or Alps switches I've seen. The spring is horizontal, the actual switch is photo-optical and it seems like it's actuated by an angled part on the key/slider.

yeah, I'm wondering the same thing, why I came to the comments here. It kinda looked like a alps, but the stem was what would go into the key cap, opposite of what it should look like.
It's an opto-electric switch, it's completely different from any other switch and they're extremely hard to come by nowadays; they were developed by Burroughs in like 1982.
Is there any chance international shipping gets looked at, please? Shipping overseas is expensive, understandably so, but $20+ for a single print seems a little over the top when I paid $19 for my fully assembled WhiteFox and $15~ (iirc) for Fostex X00s. Given it is a flat rate of $3 for domestic shipping regardless of how many are ordered it'd be cool to have something reasonable be offered for int. as well.

I'd love to buy a bunch of these but at $30 per $6 print it is pretty harsh.
pretty sure shipping is a flat rate. You can add as many prints as you want and i don't think shipping price changes
Wow! International shipping is absurdly expensive =/
I'd love these as mousepads.
22 dollar shipping to the Netherlands? I've purchased keyboards here that had $6 dollar shipping cost.
I think you're actually getting a good deal hahaha.. shipping to Canada is $19.99 and all they have to do is drive north.
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Drop it again c'mon