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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Amazon has it for $158 regularly. So this isn't really much savings.
Nice timing. EQ has a 30% off sale today, which brings their price down to $167.96. That’s $12.00 less than Massdrop. Wonder if I can cancel my participation in this order?
Was this just the software or is there a manual coming with it?
I’m in Australia and do not want the box and shipping cost. Is there an option to just get the download code via an email and not pay for shipping to Australia? Thanks
So excited to make a pattern! :o)Does anyone know a good tutorial on how to use the program?!
There are videos within the program that gets you started, and eq has tutorials on their website.
will this drop further if more people join? new to massdrop
No, I believe the lowest price has been unlocked.
I’m in Australia, would this work the same as buying from the offical website as in it is downloaded to my computer rather than hard copy?
You are given a code to then go download from online. I would much prefer the CD version.
Thanks for your reply. Are we able to establish the shipping price?
At what point do we specify whether we want the Mac or the PC version?
For this new version, you don't have to.
Does this include an actual box and cd? I have never used this sort of thing.
Hi @tsladaritzIt comes with a downloadable code in the box.
Is this a version I can do future upgrades on? I was told to make sure it has that ability
What are the system and storage requirements for the Mac version? I have a 4-year-old Mac Book Pro running Sierra 10.12.6.
Hi @TinaD

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1;
  • macOS High Sierra (10.13), Sierra (10.12), El Capitan (10.11), Yosemite (10.10);

Space Requirements

850 MB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation.


Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or greater. (A Minimum of 1024 x 768 is required.)
For international orders would we just receive a download link?
Hi @Laurensewcycle , This is a snapshot from the Electric Quilt website.
I have EQ7. Does this just upgrade me?
You can upgrade directly from the EQ website if you already have an older versio of EQ
I looked that up and thats a better solution lol thanks!!
Can you upgrade to next EQ ? How much space does this take on your computer?
You can do the upgrade directly from EQ site if you have EQ7 currently. They have a special price for it if you do it by November 6th.
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