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ErgoDox PBT DCS Keycaps

ErgoDox PBT DCS Keycaps

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Ergo All the Way

Now that you have a keyboard with an ergonomic layout, shouldn’t you outfit it with similarly optimized keycaps? Built in a sculpted DCS profile with a cylindrical surface, the ErgoDox PBT DCS Keycaps use superior structure and materials to make the ideal keycap for your customized layout.

Note: This is a blank PBT plastic keycap set for the ErgoDox keyboard. These keys are made in the USA by Signature Plastics.

ErgoDox PBT DCS Keycaps
ErgoDox PBT DCS Keycaps

Signature Design

Made by Signature Plastics, these keycaps come in the Signature Plastics Low Profile, a similar construction to the Cherry Profile. Instead of using cheaper and less durable ABS, they used PBT plastic, giving you a more textured feel as well as better resistance to heat, shine, and solvents. As the 78-key set comes with many non-standard sized keys, it’s a useful kit if you’re building your own board.

ErgoDox PBT DCS Keycaps
ErgoDox PBT DCS Keycaps


  • Signature Plastics
  • 78 keys
  • PBT construction
  • Cherry MX mechanical switch compatible
  • DCS profile


  • 16 - Row 1 - 1u
  • 14 - Row 2 - 1u
  • 10 - Row 3 - 1u
  • 20 - Row 4 - 1u
  • 2 - Row 1 - 1.5u
  • 2 - Row 2 - 1.5u
  • 6 - Row 3 - 1.5u
  • 2 - Row 4 - 1.5u
  • 4 - Row 2 - 2u


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Estimated ship date is Jan 19, 2015 PT.

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