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ErgoDox PBT DCS Keycaps

ErgoDox PBT DCS Keycaps

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DSA Profile PBT Keycap for ergoDox Blank Key Caps
I got a couple cheap "Cherry Profile" blank PBT sets on eBay and for about $30 got everything except the 8 outside 1.5u keys that I'm using DSA profile for. I wish ErgoDox sets were easier to come by, or at least individual 2/1.5u blank DCS caps.
Are these the same ones that you can get in the Ergodox kit drop?
another one for drop another set.... Suffering with DSA keys with my office setup
drop this again!!
I have a question about "rows" counting.

I'm struggling with counting rows. A picture is worth a thousand words, then I've attached a picture.
Could you tell me who is wrong and why?

more than 700 users have requested... Still no news?
Any news?
Any news guys?
Would be awesome if this drop would relaunch.
Yes. Yes it would. I'd also love to see this set drop again.
When is this drop going to relaunch? The DSA keys on my ErgoDox are weak.
Missed the bazaar! With more than the limit of request, is this coming back soon?
Please MD, do a dsa drop were we can choose the colors, alphas and mods separately.
DCS>DSA. I don't care what color they are, I just care about what my fingers can feel. And the flat keys of DSA have no tactile feedback that you are centered over the key.
Will this ever be dropped again? I'm looking to get the modifier keys for my Ergodox.
Still waiting. :)
Keycaps can be very expensive. It would be nice if a Massdrop with keycaps for ErgoDox showed up. Especially if there is also a Gateron switch drop right now.