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ErgoDox PCB (Single Piece)

ErgoDox PCB (Single Piece)

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Waiting for it to come back. Gateron switches drop is ending in 6 days so it would be nice to have a PCB to populate them with. :)
I happened to me too, I have mail the support for a solution
Any status on this drop? According to the other ErgoDox post the only thing they were waiting on is the TRRS connectors. I can only assume that the PCBs are in, so why haven't they shipped?
I'm from Malaysia ... Darnnit.. I don't remember that it was only one PCB.. I remembered this massdrop being a set of PCB.. Feeling very irritated since I was looking forward for this...

When did the title change ? Does the ergodox work with only one side ?
Sigh.. I thought it was two PCBs :( anybody here willing to sell the second PCB ?

Or when will a second groub buy happen ?
Are you in the UK?
Any status on these?
Received mine today! (UK)
Why did the name of this drop change?
When this says "single piece" what does that mean? One set of two or only one of the PCBs?
To source parts himself? I bought 4 pieces almost a year ago and sourced everything myself.
But I mean why one rather than two.
maybe if you had an unfortunate coffee related incident?
Just curious, why would anyone buy one of these?
What is the eta on this order?
I didn't realize I had to order 2 :/ Don't suppose there is any way I could add another to my order if they havn't shipped yet ? when is this drop coming around again?
I'm lost. How does this ctrlaltgroupbuy work? I'm not seeing the ergodox key set on their website.
The person running the group buy arranged for extra keys for the Ergodox near the end of the buy. To get a full set for the Ergodox, you'll need to buy the "Base" or "Solarized Alphas" kit (under the "Penumbra" kiton and (obviously) the Ergodox kit at

The price for the Ergodox kit has now been fixed at $34.

Edit: Price fixed, and and Ergodox kit now available directly on GB Web site.
The price is now guaranteed at $33.90 per set.

You can get the solarized alphas instead of the base kit and it will look something like this: