ErgoDox Aluminum Top Sheet Set (Two Pieces)search

ErgoDox Aluminum Top Sheet Set (Two Pieces)

ErgoDox Aluminum Top Sheet Set (Two Pieces)

Where's the price?
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Where can I buy the key switch mounting plate for the ErgoDox?
Will there be another drop for this? :)
So, received mine. I like it, but two questions:
1. Why is there an extra hole on the top of the plate?
2. Why is the bottom corner hole by the thumb buttons bigger than the others?

Anyone else received theirs? Same issues?
1. This is so you can have easy access to the Teensy's bootloader button, it's by-design.
2. No idea, but DON'T over-tighten that hole, you'll strip the crap out of it
I ordered one of each (Class and Full Hand). Just received them yesterday, and unfortunately I received two sets of Classic plates. I have a Class and Full Hand ErgoDox, so the second set of plates is useless for me and my Full Hand doesn't have any :( I sent an email to, hopefully it gets resolved soon
Any chance of a full hand version?
When this drop was active, there was an option for a full-hand version.

Mine are showing out for delivery today.

EDIT: Received mine today. I joined the ErgoDox drop so it'll be a while before I get to use them.
Looks like the classics styles will be going out tomorrow. Woot.
I want 4!!
Hey guys,

We are expecting to get these in at our warehouse towards the end of next week. Progress!
Any ETA on this?
I can only hope this is offered again soon :)
So um... any update on this? Does it really take that long to manufacture at most ~100 plates?
damm, I've lost this one ...
Any chance to get it up again?
During the Ergodox groupbuy weren't they the same price for the full aluminum set? I'd jump on a gb for a full aluminum set.
Just to clarify, in the ErgoDox group buy, the aluminum option was also for the two top plate pieces. The rest of the 8 pieces are all acrylics.
Thank you for adding full-hand, joined!
I failed to notice that this wasn't for the full hand case; can I be taken off of this buy?
If you go to you should be able to edit the options and change it to the newly added full-hand option.
as dag.odenhall pointed out, you should be able to edit your options on the transaction page. if you'd like us to take care of it for you, shoot an email to