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ErgoDox Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Kit

ErgoDox Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Hi everyone,
This page is for the legacy version of the Ergodox which we have kept alive because there is important information for any community members who may find their way here.
This drop is unlikely to come back as the community has continued to work on and improve the newer version called the Infinity Ergodox which is available at
If you request the drop there then you’ll be notified when it is available again for the community.
I just finished assembling an ErgoDox from parts off of

I would love to see another drop of this NON-ultimate ergodox for those of us who dont need all the bells and whistles, but just the basic keys.
The ONLY reason I signed up on this site was to see the price for this.
If the fucking drop is inactive, it's fraudulent inducement to pretend otherwise just to get people to sign up.
Horse shit on a monumental scale.
Business decisions like this guarantee that I will NEVER do business with this company.
They have demonstrated that they are wholly untrustworthy.
Hi, the pages for the drops are kept so that community members are able to request and get notified when the drop goes live.

This page is for the legacy version of the Ergodox, which is kept for the community members involved in the original Ergodox drops. You can request the community's new version here: As I understand, it should be coming back soon.
In other words, you don't understand the way Massdrop works.
I have one of these kits I ordered but never got around to building. Just pulled it out and went back to snag the build guide, but every link I find points to the firmware configuration tool. Anywhere know where I can find the guide, or does anyone have a copy of it they can share?
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I just remember about "The Internet Archive" (aka: The WayBack Machine) - I found the archived instructions there and chose the latest archived version I could find. Here is the link:
Thank you man, when I tried to look for the page archive kept giving search errors! Kinda crazy to finally copmlete this kit now but I'm happy. I mostly assembled it by common sense but wanted to make sure I didn't do anything dumb before powering it up :P
I want this more than I should
please make this drop happen!
Pleeeeeeease !
Please drop this T_T
Will there be another drop for this in 2017?
Does anybody knows when the ErgoDox Configurator will be back? I do not mean the Infinity one ...
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I can confirm that the EZ configurator works for my two Ergodox keyboards. In fact their configurator works even better; there were a couple functions on the Massdrop configurator which didn't work for me. Hopefully EZ keeps their configurator up and running.
Same here. Works great and they even added a teensy RESET button reccently
Can we get this drop going again???
u can buy all to make an ergodox at falbatech pl
Thanks. Yeah, I actually have bought Ergodox parts from Falbatech twice now. I'm glad they are there. But, in both of my orders they sent me similar but different parts from what I ordered. :-/ Through hole diodes instead of surface mount diodes for the first one, and then a single hand carrying case instead of a full hand one.