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ERGOTECH Sit/Stand Freedom Desk

ERGOTECH Sit/Stand Freedom Desk

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If only it were in black...

Please contact me if you are looking for one
Is this the type you can have in bed or on your lap on the couch?
No these are meant to sit on a desktop
Our company just had a full ergonomic redesign. We all got adjustable standing desks and Herman Miller chairs. What to do? Conundrum.ūü§Ē
Lol just bought one at a thrift store for $20
Just won the mega lotto.
Soo... What's with that row of knives?
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lmao. knife spinners at working desk. xD.
Now, I am trying to read her post it notes.
Is there an update for arrival for these units? I thought I read it would be shipped last week, but i would be wrong.
Literally, as I typed this yesterday. My Warehouse guy came around the corner with it. I love it so far!
Shipping to israel ?
Use this at work, love it- very stable, easy to move and adjust. I actually like the fact that it isn't mechanical- likely means it will last longer because there are fewer things to break.
Too much money. You just had a drop on a similar item for a reasonable $149.00.
Would strongly recommend you just go buy an autonomous desk instead, same price for a full motorized sit stand desk.
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Sure, if it's for a cubicle environment then I would recommend this, but as the cheap alternative to standing desks from a cost perspective alone, it's not really a very good deal.
Smaller than that, unfortunately. I talked to the company about a dinkier version, but mine is probably an unusual case. If you're really interested, I'll check the measurements when I get home.
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