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Hey there! I would like to use an ultrawide as the center monitor with two 24" monitors on the side. Will this work?
Center monitor:
Side monitors:
Additionally, I'm confused about the advantages of the clamp vs. the stand are. If I have a desk that can support the clamp, would that be the better option?
Please see this link which shows the dimensions for the Triple with Telescoping Wings: As for the clamp vs the stand- it is a matter of personal preference.
I own one. I use it with 3 Dell 27" monitors. It is sturdy, well-built, micro-adjustable, and was easy to set up. It's ideal for my needs. I would recommend highly. (I bought it directly from Ergotech about 6 months ago, and I think I paid somewhere around $170, but I could be mistaken.)
I had this with 3 Asus 27's and the monitor bezels were just a bit too much and this wouldn't work so I threw it away.
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why didn't you try to resell the stand on the secondary market?
Too heavy / waste of time.
I have one of these that I don't want anymore. If someone in Portland, OR wants one, let me know.
I live in Beaverton, OR, how much?
Sorry for not seeing your comment until now. The email got buried in my inbox. I was thinking of something around 140 or so.
Another wonderful triple monitor mount that won't ship outside the US :'( thats 2 in a month!
Hi all, Just received my monitor stand. was I the only one who didn't receive height adjustable pivots?
Hi Wesley....We were contacted by Massdrop yesterday and processed your replacements immediately. They are scheduled to ship today. We apologize for this inconvenience!
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Ergotech Triple Monitor Stand 100-D16-B03-TW and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.
As soon as the group's order is ready at the vendor's location, they will ship the individual orders directly to you. The current estimated ship date is 1/17.
We will keep the group updated throughout the fulfillment process. You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 1/11.
If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (
I would love to get this but I am not sure if my monitor would be ok.
Stephn....Are all three of your monitors this particular make/model? This stand is a probable solution as their actual width is approximately 26". Please note that their width will limit or restrict the ability to angle the wings.
I've wanted this for ages... Wish it shipped to Australia. Can't find this for a decent price anywhere, so my 3*XL2730 setup looks atrocious and probably still will for a long time. There's no comparable monitor stand that can house 3*27" whilst also having feet instead of a mount.
too bad that it doesnt ship to holland
Well I took the plunge lets hope this works with dual monitors and I can push them together and then maybe down the line get a 3rd :D I do not have a huge desk and want this to work so fingers crossed.
This stand is awesome! I love mine. Mounted three ASUS MG279Q 27-inch 1440P @ 144hz monitors and an ASUS PB287Q 28-inch 4K@ 60hz monitor up top with the optional taller pole arm.
Ergotech accessories:


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I spy a beautiful caselabs case in the corner in all the beautiful glory of your setup nicely done :)
uSpy correctly! Mercury S5 in the house! :)
would there be any possibility to get the dual monitor stand option in this drop. I currently am trying to find something that will work with Asus swift monitors
I only have two monitors as well. I will put them on the outer mounts and push them together. I like the idea of being able to upgrade to a triple monitor setup without having to get another stand. Just an idea. Last I checked the dual monitor mount was not that much cheaper anyway.
Would this accommodate a 29" ultrawide with two 24" 16:9 on the sides?
If those 16:9 were vertical, then yes.
Can the center mount slide up/down without the whole assembly? If not, how would you have 1-2 monitors in portrait and align them at the top? I just can't seem to find a good mount that allows for adjustment when portrait/landscape orientations are mixed.
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Those knobs are only on two of the pivots so you can adjust for sag on the wings, and it almost certainly wouldn't go far enough to align the monitors in droshi's scenario anyway.
You can always contact us directly for any product questions or comments!
Why doesn't this ship to the Netherlands? Come on massdrop! I want this!
Yay it's back!! Definitely buying this time
Does this ship to Canada?.
I'd like to know this too
Does this ship to the Netherlands? If so, what is the shipping cost?
Would really like to see this drop again. How much did the last drop go for?
Can we get this back?
Is it possible to get the Grommet variant? (100-G16-B03-TW)
Exciting news group! We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out and are now on the way to you! Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking to get into the shipper's system and start updating.
If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to contact us via “Contact Support” button in your transaction page:
My Monitor Stand came! Once I have my monitors up on the stand, I will post additional information on the overall structure and how well it looks. I expect this stand to be far better than most on the current market today. Thank you Massdrop & Ergotech for supplying your merchandise and at a reasonable price!
Most of the orders have been shipped. People whose orders have shipped should have received an email with tracking. The rest of the stands should be shipping early next week. As soon as the complete order ships we will make sure to update the group.
Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 12/16 or sooner if something comes up.
Thanks again for joining the drop with the community. We submitted the group’s order with the vendor for the Ergotech Triple Monitor Stand 100-D16-B03-TW shortly after the drop ended and they have begun preparing it for shipment.
Once the group’s order is ready at the vendor’s location, they will ship the packages individually to you as soon as possible.
Once we receive confirmation regarding the shipping schedule from the vendor, we will provide you guys with updated information on the status of your package.
Expect an update from us on 12/10 or sooner.
Does anyone know if this could be used to mount 2x34" curved displays with the middle left empty?
Don't sue me if I'm wrong but most likely you can just use the 2 side mounts and get the job done.
$159.99 for the stand+ $167.97 shipping to the Netherlands. Great deal Massdrop!
Is that shipping price legit? Cause that's a deal breaker.
Once you factor in the shipping price and the shipping delay, it might be worth the extra $10-$20 to pick it up at and have it in 2-5 days. If this were a bit cheaper I'd be all over it.
Can this be expanded to support a 3 + 1 monitor setup?
You should be able to, I have this exact setup (shown in the drop not 3+1) and I ordered a longer pole for mine as I wanted my monitors higher up. There's easily room on the longer pole to add a small bar and mount another monitor above. The stand is fairly modular and quite sturdy, probably weighs more than all 3 monitors I have mounted on it.
Edit: Looking at their accessories page ( you'd just need the longer pole, a single direct mount, and a standard vesa pivot.
I recently upgraded to a 5x1 Portrait monitor setup and had considered this stand. I went with a Freedom WSGF Edition Ultimate Desk Stand v2 which uses this as a starting point and then builds upon it for added support, stability, and the ability to mount more or larger monitors.