Esbit Titanium Cutlery Set (2-Pack)search

Esbit Titanium Cutlery Set (2-Pack)

Esbit Titanium Cutlery Set (2-Pack)

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Is the dude who modeled his hands for this things thumbnail driving anyone else crazy? I can't STAND long nails on a guy.
It didn't bother me before, but it bothers me NOW! Thanks man.
Well, I finally got mine (various reasons for the delay). I must say that I am not overly impressed. While this looks awesome on photos, there are several issues with them. The material is very thin and it is super easy to bend them which leaves somehow bad impression. They came scratched everywhere just from the package which is another bad thing. Having in mind that these are extremely light, I really see no reason that they would save material and not make them a little thicker, other than being cheap that is... I will use them of course, but I wish they were a little more solid!
Titanium should not be easy to bend at all! Wonder if these are actually titanium...
I can get this from for $25 CAD, with free shipping. For two of these, this translates to $40 USD, but I would have to pay for shipping through Massdrop. Plus I could get it in a couple of days through (which sucks compared to I swear there is no benefit to purchasing through this group. What I like about it is I get to see cool stuff, which I can buy elsewhere for cheaper prices. The 'plan' of mass purchases sounds good in principle, the execution is lacking...
Yeah, I also checked with first, it really save nothing or pay even more after shipping and exchange if I order same item here.
My package is marked as delivered on Saturday 15th but there is nothing here. The tracking number is useless :((( I wrote to customer support.
Well they sent me a replacement which is here now so everything is resolved. Great support from Massdrop!
fwiw: single set on theclymb for $18.98 but you have to pay shipping.
But if you buy from there, shipping is at least $50 more. (if shipped to Asia)
I got mine; very happy with the set! Very thin and light, but very sturdy (does not feel like it'll bend under normal 'eating' circumstances).

The sometimes annoying "teeth grinding" feeling of titanium is not present on these utensils, because of the polished parts.

Overall, highly recommended, will buy one more two-pack for travel purposes! (be warned you can't bring the knife in carry-on luggage, I asked TSA about it by way of Tweeter)
I received the 2-pack of Esbit titanium cutlery. Two of the utensils were slightly thicker than the rest, however, it was hard to tell the difference in weight. The spoon holds as much as a normal adult spoon, and they're polished smooth. I'm happy with these compared to other brands.
Set A: 16.2 g spoon, 10.3 g knife, 13.3 g fork, 3.6 g silicone = 43.4 g
Set B: 15.2 g spoon, 10.4 g knife, 12.7 g fork, 3.7 g silicone = 42.0 g
anyone one in Indianapolis wanna split the pack with me?
If anyone wants a single set they are selling for $16.99 on right now
Also if you wanted two sets...

(specific link:
Does anyone know if titanium have any specific advantages over aluminum for the purposes of cutlery? I have an aluminum set that weighs 1.3oz, just curious. Thanks!
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Bare aluminum is reactive to acidic foods (tomato sauce, citrus, vinegar) and may discolor odor rich foods containing sulfur (eggs, onions, broccoli). Hard anodized aluminum comes with a protective oxide coating which doesn't react to foods, as long as the coating isn't scoured or placed in the dishwasher; anodized aluminum must be hand washed.
122 people ​have requested this for another drop. How many does it take to actually get the drop to happen again? It's been over 4 months since the last drop.
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I'm thinking it launched today *because* I said something about it.
Uncanny. :D