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ESEE 4 Fixed Blade Series

ESEE 4 Fixed Blade Series

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I bought A ESEE 4 years ago and it came with molle jump ready attachment on top of a kydex sheath. I guess they change it to PVC now for cost? 1095 is a tool steel and rust prone. The coating on it is great and rust on the edge is not a problem with proper care. The micarta slabs are great. I have med size hand and it's perfect for me. Definitely a tough knife and one of my favorite. No fault life time transferable warranty. MD price not a super deal. Careful there are copies of ESEE out there online.
It's also $99 on Amazon. Looks to be the same knife.
Okay. That's more like it. Thanks.
I've been waiting months for this drop to use my coupon. This is very uncool.
How can it already be sold out of "black plain"? Only four people have signed up.
I agree the “deal“ part on Massdrop is getting sketchy! Hope to see some better deals in future as I have had to overlook stuff for same weird waiting & pricing. Just venting too!!!
Good for the price. Definitely a beater blade for hard use. Micarta is the best grip especially for the weight this knife carries. U get a pvc sheath not kydex which works just fine. Hefty stong & easy to resharpen on site. Love Esee knives & tht replacement warranty too. I hv both 3 & 4......3 is more for finer work & weighs less thinner blade. Blade tip will show keep it sharp & clean! Coating helps Too.
FYI hope it helps those on fence.
Any idea when this will drop again?
Sorry but for this price, not much dropping mass from me.
Does anyone know how many must be purchased to get a better price? These are already available for less everywhere online, in fact, they are only $87.00 with free shipping...
First time I have seen 1095 described as corrosion resistant. Usually its described as very rust-prone.
I thought the purpose of Massdrop was to arrange "deals," and I guess this is a "deal." I just wish I didn't have to put it in quotation marks... a quick search, not even trying hard, and I found it from a very reliable seller at $87.95 + shipping of about $7, every day of the week, month, year. Why pay more, AND jump through hoops with Massdrop. I stay just hoping they will figure it out.
Unfortunately they go the easy route and spend too much time trying to sell stuff available all over and can't compete with the volume other sellers have (Amazon in many cases). So the best we often see on this site is same price and 30 day wait. Massdrop is really lucky they have loyal customers.

They should spend more time finding unique stuff not widely available and negotiate bulk deals on those items. But that requires more work.
Whilst I understand that many knives here are mainly meant for international markets outside of the US (Amazon and other sellers of Esee have high shipping costs or simply don't ship), I don't think the Esee 4 Series is all that popular compared to the Esee 5 Series. This isn't to say it's not a good knife that is made well and has great portability, but it doesn't appear to sell as well.

If a 5 Series drop does come up I'll definitely buy it from MD, but I'm waiting for the day. Hopefully it's soon.
I know your comment is a bit old but I wanted to address your evaluation of the 5 vs. the 4. Some common wisdom is that the best knife is the one you have with you - the ESEE 5 is beastly huge and heavy, and while I'm sure it's superior to the 4 for prying open doors and stabbing robots, I really don't think it makes a materially better camp knife - and with the hefty weight of it, you're much less likely to carry it around. I went around and around on the 4/5/6 deliberation and ultimately decided to buy the one that actually suited my needs rather than my wants.

That said, if need has nothing to do with it - get the 5. It's awesome.
Seriously, if you're on the fence about this knife, try to find one to handle first. you may want to size up or prefer something with a longer handle. great materials & construction, but you can find better pricing elsewhere. Put mine up on ebay. Preferred the TOPS BOB simply due to handle length.
Now suddenly -- Australia is a good place to take monet from for this drop? The Mor gansberg had Australia sanctioned for some retarded reason I don't think Massdrop can even figure out themselves. I shall be boycotting this one for sure
Someone has to do it.........CIMA 1

Yes this Esee has better steel but for $20 vs $100 forget about it. My Cima 1 holds a very good edge.
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You're right about posting this, and I will delete it. But wrong about the CIMA being junk. It's an excellent knife, and it doesn't use ESEE's name and it is slightly different than the E-3. You could be a bit more diplomatic as well.
Thanks for removing the pic. You may well be right about the clones quality but it wasn't really my point. Whilst I'm sure we could display many cheap clone alternatives for the products that sell on Massdrop, better judgement will usually be encouraged as there's a time and a place for everything.