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ESEE Expat Libertariat Machete

ESEE Expat Libertariat Machete

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May I suggest the ESEE Expat Libertariat, it’s got serious size to breeze through tough chopping tasks. Made from SAE 1075 carbon steel, the blade is tough enough to take abuse from repeated hacks. It's guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Enjoy your party!
Look at Silky Nata, stainless, replaceable blade, made in multiple sizes with double or single edge and very well made. Been using the Nata for years in all day pruning business and they are one of my favorite tools.
This machete is a must have for landscapers like me, light enough to swing all day, thick enough to handle anything without bending. I can dig, pry, and cut centipede heads off as if I was a landscaping Chef...Solid

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Yah amongst other meanings, the tattoo helps condition my nerves... Now I don't scream like a little girl when I bump into a real one well working.
Not sure I wouldn’t!
Caribbean machete or how to end an argument quickly. 😆 (aka a cutlass)

Amazon has it for $48.90, and knifecenter has it for $49.95, so technically this is a deal, but not much of a deal.
Can this cut bone? Asking for a friend.
Shouldn't this be in the Cooking Community, or maybe the Murder and Mayhem Community?
Zombie Fighting Community...
Code name: the Quilting Community--shhh, they like to keep that on the down-low...
Not an Esee (Rowan). Cheaper on Amazon as always.
Yes, it is an ESEE. Their Expat branding is a collaboration between Imacasa (the parent company of Condor Knife and Tool) and ESEE. So it is probably made in the same factory as Condor's knives and machetes.
What is this, a machete for ANTS?
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Ooooh, right. Like the school model... or whatever. Got it. *Facepalm.* =P True that it's small... but it's oh so purdy! (*Cough*)
Hey, the guy who posted pictures said he used it on centipedes! Whoa! I bet they were not from the King Kong movie:)!
Just picked this up. Some observations I would like to share that may be helpful to others considering this machete. 1. It’s small, but very handy. Not a suitable replacement for an axe but could do most of what a hatchet can. 2. Canvas sheath is not great but does positively retain the blade. 3. Very comfortable and useful. I appreciate the draw knife hole and 90 degree spine. 4. The weight is perfect for duty in day pack. I wanted a tool that fit between my Tops Tex Creek XL and an axe, and it’s perfect in that role.
ESEE Ex... pat... I see what you did here. There's no way this is coincidental, because it was surely pronounced often enough before they signed off on the name of the product line.
..but why?
is a blade..there is no WHY
I live in south Louisiana, sugar cane country. I don't know what this is, but at 14" blade and handle, it's not a machete.
boudin slicer?
Much more appropriate, Bam. Looks like it could handle boudin.
How is this for hacking through bone and dense sinew?
raise ...quickly lower with force...repeat?
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That is completely untrue. Tactical Intent is a verified Esee dealer. I have bought from them several times. It will not be a fake from them.