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Etymotic ER4-S Micro Pro Earphones

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Good news group. We’re glad to report that all of the orders have been shipped out from our warehouse and are now on the way to you. Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking to get into the shipper's system and start updating.

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We have some great news everyone. This Etymotic drop is currently right on schedule, as we have already received the bulk shipment. All that’s left is to break the order down and prepare your individual orders for shipment. We are aiming to get everything out the door by tomorrow! Once everything is shipped, tracking confirmation emails will follow.

Expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 8/5 or sooner if something comes up.
Great news group! We placed the order for the Etymotic ER4-S Micro Pro Earphones shortly after the drop ended.

Our vendor will be preparing it for shipment.

The moment we receive confirmation regarding the shipping schedule from the vendor, we will provide you all with updated information.

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Just want to say I've owned the 4S and the 4P, still do. These things are godly, they are accurate beyond belief and I still prefer them over some of the more expensive sets I have (cough shure, sennheisser).

That said, they are known as "ear rape 4" because of the fit, and the S requires an amp. Though you can swap the cables easily enough to get around the amp.

Best IEMs you can get short of customs.
Any link to acquire said P/PT cable? I'm not sure how my iPhone will drive these (I hear not so well). I don't mind the "ear rape", I use a pair of HF2 and also have a pair of EtyKids 3. Lol.
Wish they had offered the ER-PT instead.
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I think he was talking about getting a new cable altogether.
Nope, the drivers are identical. The resistor is in the cable, right before the Y split. That is why the cable is huge there.
I'm very happy with my HF5s. Got ER6i's when they first came out, at least up to a few years ago Ety really cared and took primo good care of their customers... Excellent customer service. Haven't needed that in years...
I think the price is no good , I have this over ten years, still using it.
Just my 2 cents on these. I've had two pair of these for about 20 years. I think they're still the same design and technology. I've never heard a better sounding in-ear device. They sound amazing. These are ear canal devices so it takes a while to get use to them. They eliminate most external sound when inserted correctly. I use them when I mow the lawn and can barely hear the mower.
Why the hell is Etymotic selling the ER-4S version when the ER-4PT is the one that doesn't have the 75Ω resistor embedded in the barrel. At least then you'd be able to use it with your smartphone. It's not like it makes any difference in cost and is probably actually cheaper for Etymotic but I expect they are probably Scrooge McDuck'n or hopefully it was just a mistake and they meant the ER-4PT. I would hope that it is the latter.

After all these are the people that will sell a cable adapter with a 75Ω resistor in series for $55 to convert your PT to S. Rip off is an understatement and others sell these adapters on ebay for $15.

The green filters from Etymotic are also really expensive considering how cheap you can get them on mouser. Considering that in the lifespan of an IEM you'll be buying replacement tips you'll certainly be charged quite a lot for them by Etymotic. Etymotic are certainly happy to take you for a ride for their overpriced accessories.

The cable it comes with is also awful and hasn't been updated in 20 years. Super thick rubber below the split and microphonic as hell above. The cable is simply awful for portable use which is how the majority of buyers will use it considering that it's an IEM with excellent noise attenuation. You will have to buy an aftermarket cable to get something sensible and they are pretty damn expensive because Etymotic use their own proprietary connector that nobody else uses. You can get adapters that convert the Etymotic conector to a MMCX or standard 2 pin but these adapters are pretty bulky and stick out the ear.

You start to get the picture of how much Etymotic cares. Still as an IEM goes they are pretty damn good though most people prefer some bass boost for enjoyable listening.

You can also use a 75Ω with the HF series:

However, the treble isn't boosted as much and the HF5 that Rin Choi tested appeared to have more bass roll off than the ER4 they tested.

I would recommend getting foam tips for comfort and better noise attenuation. The foam tips that Etymotic IEMs come with is a pretty rough and abrasive foam. Comply foam is good but SO EXPENSIVE.

You can change the filters to change frequency response as well:

Etymotic only provide green. Many like orange/red/yellow which reduces the mids for a bassier sound.

You can find them for sale here:

You can work out which is which from the impedance.


Custom tips certainly are more comfortable but the shallow insertion will mean that it will change the frequency response and increase the higher frequencies due to the occlusion effect. For the reference frequency response they need to be inserted to the 'reference plane' which is around the second bend in the ear canal and I think it's defined as a certain volume of air... I think it is 0.5cc (0.5ml).

It is explained here:

You can see in the graph that with a shallow insertion you'll get a spike in frequency response at 10Khz.

Personally, if you don't care about the reference sound I'd just buy the HF2/3/5 which is more than $100 cheaper. Buy a 75Ω P to S adapter from ebay if you want to boost the treble a bit. Buy some acoustic filters and have fun. The HF series is only very slightly worse but has an inline mic and a nicer (certainly not the best) cable.
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Sorry, I don't. For my custom earpieces I've been happy with these guys [] but re-shelling is a whole different ballgame.

When you replace that cable, be ready for a fuller bass and thicker midrange that you didn't think the Ety 4s could have. Be advised that it will lose a little of the 3D "twinkliness" in the treble. Not really lose it...more like it takes a little getting used to hearing more weight across all other parts of the audio spectrum.

Happy listening,
-Max M.
Just got the Null Lune cable yesterday. You were right - fuller bass and thicker midrange, with just a tad of the highs lost. I opted with a microphone on mine, so I ended up keeping the microphonics. However, using a clip reduces it greatly. On the flipside, I can make and take phone calls now, so that's good.

I'm enjoying it tremendously. Thanks for the suggestion!
Why not ER4-pt with a P-to-S adapter?
Is the cable replaceable?
If you get these, I strongly suggest getting the custom tip coupon from Ety and having custom tips made. They suddenly become comfortable for wearing the whole way on a NY to Singapore flight, and the sound does get better too. I've got several custom IEMs (if you travel as much as I do, IEMs are the only way you get to listen to music) and I consider the Ety 4 to be just as good. I wouldn't listen to EDM on them, but for bluegrass, jazz, classical, just right.
These are FANTASTIC! I've owned a pair for over ten years now. I've gone through several pairs of tips and have had them serviced by Etymotics twice for a cable replacement (the cable does eventually wear out with heavy use after a few years - nothing surprising there!). Anyway, I'm considering another pair as backup. if you are on the fence because of the high price, don't be.... These are worth every cent!
Bring them back! Round 2 is in need.
I have a question, are these the original version, meaning, the colors are in red and blue as shown in the pictures, or are they the newer version, meaning they are black in color. I am only asking because I already have the new version, but I've always wanted the original one. Thanks in advance!
I asked this same question during the last drop, and bought these anyway. They have the newer cable, with black connectors and only a little red dot on one side to denote the right connector.

Regarding microphonics, they are greatly lessened on the newer cable (I have owned both versions now). The newer cable has wound conductor leads above the split, and if you use the cable clip to your shirt or whatever, then it really is not an issue.

As a caution to people who desire to replace the cable on this specific model, you will change the behavior of the driver unless the new cable includes 75ohm resistors . A new cable without resistors essentially turns the 4s into the 4p.