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Etymotic Research ER-20 Earplugs

Etymotic Research ER-20 Earplugs

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Natural-Response Earplugs

As a provider of quality acoustic products, Etymotic Research began in 1984 with insert earphones: a popular innovation in hearing loss prevention. More recently, ETY-Plugs have entered the market as high-fidelity earplugs that protect hearing without losing sound clarity. Ideal for concerts and other environments where clarity is essential, these plugs are designed for individuals looking to hear accurately in noisy environments.

Note: At checkout, choose the standard option with blue ear tips or the large option with white ear tips. 

Etymotic Research ER-20 Earplugs


With a reduction of up to 20 dB at all sound frequencies, ETY-Plugs feature a snug ear tip, which conceals a damper, interior sealing ring, a stem, and a precise end cap. By replicating natural responses of the ear to sound, the quality of sound isn’t lost.


  • Etymotic
  • 20 dB of sound isolation
  • Reusable 


  • Black neck cord
  • Poly bag


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