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Bring back this drop again please.
I bought these back in Feb 2016, used them mainly to listen to streaming radio on my phone as well as the sounds from my portable gaming system. They worked extremely well for those purposes until about May 2016 when the right ear went out. Somehow the wiring had gotten frayed and I suspect that was the cause for the loss of function. However, I am not so easily deterred by half-working products and I found that the left ear was plenty enough for portable gaming. The left ear headphone has served me faithfully until October 2017, when it finally died. I don't see any obvious fraying or damage to explain the loss of the left. However, with near-daily usage for 1.5yrs, I am not disappointed with this purchase. I achieved best noise isolation with the foam eartips, however your experience may vary.
My earphones didn't come with the glider eartips. I double checked the box & the product page just in case it's not really included, but it is. Am I the only one with missing accessories?
This is definitely something our Community Support team can assist with. Drop them a message at and they'll be happy to help out!
I got these today and I am relieved that the bass, when I can get the earpieces to seal properly, is adequate and very nice sounding. Now, how do I get the earpieces to seal and stay sealed? I must have the world's largest ear canals because this is a chronic problem for me. What drives me nuts is that I have a few pairs of low-end Sennheiser and Logitec UE in-ear headphones, and those came with very simple round silicone tips that fit, seal and stay in my ears just fine. Why do all of these "better" models come with tips that don't seal in my elephantine ears?

It should be noted that, without sealing properly in the ear, these issue no bass at all. Things as mid-pitched as a typical adult male voice, and everything lower than that, sound faint and distant. With a good seal these are actually really great - clearer than any other earphones I have ever heard.
Question: I have the Ety ER6i that I bought way back when, can anyone comment on how sound signature of HF5 compares? Thanks!
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Thank you! I'm joining the drop!
You will not regret it. You'll love 'em. I just ordered my second pair so I always have a pair with me.
How do these compare to the NuForce EDC or Pinnacle that Massdrop has going right now?

I have Phonak Audeo PFE 121 but years of listening and right cable starting to fail as the sounds from right side getting real soft, just wondering is Ety Hf5 worth my PFE 121 replacement?

Also does it ship international?
I had a pair of ER4P's (altec clone version) in the past, and somehow lost them. I particularly like how sterile and clean they were without any hint of harshness. Will these be comparable in sound? Adequate bass?
I find these to be more musical-sounding and enjoyable to listen to than the ER4Ps. They have a frequency response that I think is just nicer to to listen to music to as they are not quite as sterile as the ER4Ps (though they are not warm). I am just about to order my second pair of these because I want to keep a pair in each of my briefcases. I have the Westone W40s and the Shure SE535s, and I prefer the less-expensive Etymotics. Bottom line: When I reach for one of the three different IEMs I own, I reach for the Ety's every time.
I miss these. I lost them recently when I accidentally left it in my back pocket whilst cycling. Great clear sound; works well as a makeshift earplug in noisy environments.
Yeah, they are just great. I am just about to order another pair just to have another pair around (in my work briefcase, for example). After purchases of much more expensive (and vey good sounding IEMs), I just keeping coming back to the Ety's. I should point I'm a pretty serious high-end audiophile, and listen primarily on an Astell & Kern AK 100 II as my portable music player, and I alway reach for my Etys when I listen to an IEM (I use the wonderful Oppo PM3 for headphone listening).
hi, this is my first DROP . Excuse me but I have a question, when send it, I receive an internaltional tracking?
Depends on where you are shipping to and thereafter which vendor Massdrop uses to ship the product. I have received drops that were sent to me via USPS and DHL. For both companies, there is tracking available.
Does it have a microphone and volume commands for Android phones?
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*"*The best* IEMs with mike and voluime control I've ever used."*

Absolutely, 100% agree. They are even better than my Westone W40s, IMHO.
the hf2 is android/winphone/anythingbutiphone the hf3 is iphone only(both will work as headphones but the buttons wont work, apple decided they had to be different and swap a pair of wires so you wouldnt be able to use headsets from/for non-apple products and actually get full features..

i wish somebody would bring out a set with a switch in the control u could just slide over to change between phone types...

or that phones would all auto sense like a hand full of windows and android phones can, and actually work with apple headphones and have the controls work.

anyway, wear the cable over your ears, it takes a bit to get use to but, it fixes that problem fully and makes them stay in alot better to, i wish they would make a version shaped like the PL50 honestly, would make them alot easier to wear in bed, and the shapes designed to wear over ear....(they are the most comfy iem's you will ever find if you try some decent sony hybrids, shure, and even ETY tips...(lostearbuds on ebay, check him out for a WIDE tip selection at very good prices with an excellent rep ;) )

anyway, yeah, i like the hf5's, but, personally if im gonna trade mine in, im gonna get the er4pt, sure they cost a decent bit more but, they also have longer warr, replaceable cables, and are and have been the ETY flagship since the 70's, and are still one of the best iem's on the market, bar none...i have even considered grabbing a set of ety kids and using my e3 or e5 amp with them, im told they sound great once you amp them..(cheapest ety, dynamic with like 300ohm resistance....) since i could use them and then trade them in for the upgrade discount, without waiting for these hf5's to die....(rma'd them once because one driver died, then once on the other set i had when it died at the 3.5 jack strain relief, both times ety replaced them and tossed in a new set or 2 of small tri flanges...if you rma just make sure to request the size of tips you would like, they rep even said she would have sent me a little baggie kit of various tips so i could try them, i kinda would like to try their small foamies...but either way....i like ety, sure i had a couple fails, but the first one was within days of getting them, the 2nd was caused by leaving them plugged into the player in my pocket all the time, stopped doing that and havent had a set of any iem's fail at the plug since...i ended up with 2 because amazon messed up my order 3 times, and eventually in all the back and forth, they sent me an extra set of the color i wanted that they went out of stock on....(i ended up with black when i wanted blue, now i have both..but the other set are still brand new in their baggie i tested them for a couple hours and then put them back and went back to the set i have been carrying around daily for years now...)

i do recommend heading over to amazon and looking up sets of tips for ETY Shure and Klipsch you will find some kits of dif types/styles of tips for reasonable prices, i actually find the 3rd party tri-flange cut down to a dual flange(remove largest flange) to be most comfortable and isolating for me...(the 3rd flange for me and 3 friends just ends up wrinkling and causing discomfort rather then better isolation...)

the fact ety stand behind their products, and even replaced a friends set after the nozel broke off as he tried to pull the tip off to swap it with some comply foamies he had gotten...and admitted to them and everybody it was probably his fault for not being more careful....they replaced them no extra cost and even tossed him a full retail box replacement because they didnt have any ziplock bag replacements in stock at the moment...(that impressed me...they sent me extra filters and an extra tool each time though..without me asking funny enough..)
There's nothing mentioned, but is there a limit on the number available in this drop? I don't want to miss out, but have to play money games this week to organise them. Yes to the poster before who says get the silicone tips. Super comfy, great isolation, and they help the sound a bit. You can't beat these units at their MSRP, so this price including killer shipping outside the dying empire is great.