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Etymotic Research Hf5 Portable In-Ear Monitors

Etymotic Research Hf5 Portable In-Ear Monitors

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You guys can add the 75Ohm resistor to these and get 'close' to ER4S performance.
Cant do with ER3XX but detachable cable aaaand... twice the price.
Hey guys, how would you compare this to the Alpha & Delta D6. Already joined that drop, wondering if it'd be worthwhile to join this as well?
Is it possible to have a drop for hf3 with microphone?
Could you please create a drop for those two??


What's the difference between these and the ER4 series that they are most known for?
Having had both, these are lower impedance, so will sound fine from any source.
The ER4 series benefits from a better source.

These are rubbery plastic with a fixed wire. Many people seem to break them after a year or two.
The ER4s have detachable cables and a metal body. They are very sturdy.

Sound wise, these lack some extension in the treble. Cymbals sound like someone has their hand on it. More mid-bass, but less quality. The base sound is very similar though, same kind of tight soundstage and good separation. Maybe a little less detailed depending on your source.

The ER4s are better overall, but cost 5 times the price. If you have a noisy commute though, the HF5 is like magic if deep insertion works for you. I returned my HF5 and got the ER4XR because I was looking for something I would use forever.
The jack plug on these is very fragile. The first bent after falling from 50cm above the ground, the (excellent) support replaced it for me for free, and the same thing happened to the second one. Otherwise they are excellent.
I had these for about a year. The isolation on these is phenomenal. The sound was pretty flat and clear. No bass. Unfortunately, the wire coating easily ripped/wore away after a few months. I had them replaced thru Ety and the replacements wore away as well. I sold the new replacements and purchased some Shure SE215s.
excellent IEM for daily portable use.
also, with as tiny as these are, comply foam tips are a great compliment. i was always too sweaty/itchy with the triple flanges for extended periods of use.
decent price (roughly $25 off). i've had the er6i for almost 10 years and is what i still compare pretty much everything to. while single balanced is not a bass machine, you'll have a hard time trying to find a more natural & detailed iem.
Can anyone comment, how it is compared to Nuforce Primo 8 and FiiO F9 Pro?
Great IEM, best isolation, very nice sound, highly recommended.
Outstanding isolation and a delight for all of us, who love detailed sound! Great to see HF-series drop again! :) I'm lovin' my HF3 big time!
Bring back this drop again please.
In case ya hadn't seen it yet, your wish came true!
I bought these back in Feb 2016, used them mainly to listen to streaming radio on my phone as well as the sounds from my portable gaming system. They worked extremely well for those purposes until about May 2016 when the right ear went out. Somehow the wiring had gotten frayed and I suspect that was the cause for the loss of function. However, I am not so easily deterred by half-working products and I found that the left ear was plenty enough for portable gaming. The left ear headphone has served me faithfully until October 2017, when it finally died. I don't see any obvious fraying or damage to explain the loss of the left. However, with near-daily usage for 1.5yrs, I am not disappointed with this purchase. I achieved best noise isolation with the foam eartips, however your experience may vary.
My earphones didn't come with the glider eartips. I double checked the box & the product page just in case it's not really included, but it is. Am I the only one with missing accessories?
This is definitely something our Community Support team can assist with. Drop them a message at and they'll be happy to help out!
I got these today and I am relieved that the bass, when I can get the earpieces to seal properly, is adequate and very nice sounding. Now, how do I get the earpieces to seal and stay sealed? I must have the world's largest ear canals because this is a chronic problem for me. What drives me nuts is that I have a few pairs of low-end Sennheiser and Logitec UE in-ear headphones, and those came with very simple round silicone tips that fit, seal and stay in my ears just fine. Why do all of these "better" models come with tips that don't seal in my elephantine ears?

It should be noted that, without sealing properly in the ear, these issue no bass at all. Things as mid-pitched as a typical adult male voice, and everything lower than that, sound faint and distant. With a good seal these are actually really great - clearer than any other earphones I have ever heard.
pick up some Shure tips, they fit Etys and gave me a better fit.
Thank you for the "tip!" (all puns welcome) I'll make a point of trying to get some and see how it goes.