Never Forget Again

You know how sometimes you have such a brilliant idea that you write it down, fully intending to make it happen, and then later can't find where you wrote it and can't remember all of its details? Everyone knows how unbelievably frustrating that situation is!

If you use the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine, that will never happen to you again! Moleskine has long been recognized for its high quality, attractive, and functional products, and Evernote is a downloadable app that helps you organize all the things you want to remember and keep track of. Together, they make up a product that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Write or sketch whatever you like in the Moleskine notebook's specially formatted paper, which is ruled with dotted lines

Step 2: Place the fully customizable, and optional, Smart Stickers on each page according to how you would like to categorize the information on the page

Step 3: Use any device that has the Evernote Page Camera loaded onto it (currently iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) to take a picture of your notes and drawings, then save them to your Evernote account

Step 4: Your ideas and drawings are then fully digitized and can be saved, searched for, and shared with the world!

Some Amazing Functions
  • Once they are saved in your Evernote account, your handwritten text is fully searchable by keyword or tag. Or, you can visually browse through your pages
  • Each notebook comes with a FREE 3 month subscription to Evernote Premium, a $15 value. These notebooks are essentially free if you're a premium subscriber.
  • The special “Evernote ruled” pages have dotted lines that ensure a clean image when digitally captured, with automatic edge detection and image optimization
  • The special “Evernote ruled” pages have dotted lines that ensure a clean image when digitally captured, with automatic edge detection and image optimization
  • When you capture a page with Evernote, the Smart Stickers become searchable, digital tags that help you organize your ideas and keep your digital and analog workspaces synced
  • Evernote is available on just about every device and platform, including smartphones, computers, and on the web. Once you save your pages in Evernote, you can browse or search them on any device that has Evernote loaded
  • 8.3” x 5.4”
  • 240 ruled pages
  • Moleskine notebooks have durable hard covers, and remain weighted open while you use your Page Camera
  • Each included Smart Sticker has a default tag attached to it, but they can also be fully customized according to your own categories
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