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Exacompta FAF Desk Notepad

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So after the installed pad of paper and the reasonably-priced refill you can get from Massdrop run out, where do you order new pads in the USA? I was looking on Amazon and the refill pads are anywhere from $17.95 (No.3 blank) to $29.85 (No.5 blank). I love the look of this notepad, but I can't justify getting bent over a desk in return for future refills.

Why can't Massdrop set up the buy so that we can get more than one refill? If I could buy four or five I would at least have time to find a cheaper source of refills later.
Fahrneyspens.com sells this at a reasonable price.

Both the compete pad and refill together are about 4 dollars more than the same with this drop.
Doane Paper maybe?
If only it didn't have that logo and text all over the front. >:[ I want a clean space and my notes to be front and center, not someone's branding. Thumbs down.
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It appears that it the metal bar which surpresses the upper of the pad insert is just being held down by nuts on bolts from the base.
Correct. The tear away part is below the bar, the paper size listed is the usable size, the rest is the "tear away" under the bar.

The paper is top notch. I have the No 4 size.
Any update on this? It was supposed to ship 2 weeks ago.
I’ve been using these for over ten years. My first came from Papeterie Nota Bene, then they caught on (in the USA) so refills are now widely available. They’re meant for temporary notes—ideally placed beside the telephone, and in good French tradition, the paper is fp friendly. FAF pads are the classy French Alternative to the cheap office scratch pad.
Note that the "Size Options (Left - Right) : 6.3 x 3.9 in, 7.2 x 4.5 in, 8.3 x 5.3 in, 10.6 x 8.3 in" are more accurate than the measurements in "Available Sizes" listed at the bottom of the page.

Here is a great place to buy refills in plain and graph paper, and they ship quickly to the USA:
I own an Excompata journal and the paper is a little too thin for fountain pens unless I only write on one side of the paper, which would make it fine for this notepad. Then again, it's not clear what the weight of this paper is.
I'd say the weight is about the same. I only use one side, but that is what I need it for. I just use it to jot notes when I'm on the phone or am in a meeting where I need to make sure I remember something.
Can we get multiple refills?
Unfortunately, we're not able to offer multiples during this live drop, but we'll definitely look into it for future drops. Thanks for flagging this!
Is the paper fountain pen friendly?
They provided a writing sample in the images.
Very. It is Excompta paper.
I have one of these on my desk; I use it less than I ought, I like it well!
I wonder how difficult it would be to find the refills down the road.
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I pick up refills periodically at the Levenger eBay outlet.
Thanks, DrEEOB! I'll check it out!