Exit: The Game Bundle Mix 'n' Match (6-Pack)search

Exit: The Game Bundle Mix 'n' Match (6-Pack)

Exit: The Game Bundle Mix 'n' Match (6-Pack)

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A Modern Escape Room in 6 Unique Locations

When there’s no bright-red indicator and you can’t find any signs that point to a way out, you have to work together to escape. That’s the premise of this intriguing game for up to six players. Since the game sprung onto the scene with The Abandoned Cabin Version, it's captured the imagination and problem-solving skills of many. The other versions transport you to far off lands, like a pharaoh’s tomb, a massive castle, a top-secret lab, a forgotten island, an ice-cold station, a train, a mysterious museum, and a suspicious mansion. Each version challenges players’ creativity and spirit of teamwork, making it a great game for small get-togethers and team building.


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  • Designed by Inka Brand and Markus Brand
  • Artwork by Inka Brand, Markus Brand, Silvia Christoph, and Franz Vohwinkel
  • Players: 1–6
  • Playing time: 45–90 min
  • Recommended for ages: 12 and up


  • Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin
  • Exit: The Game - The Pharaoh's Tomb
  • Exit: The Game - The Secret Lab
  • Exit: The Game - The Forbidden Castle
  • Exit: The Game - The Forgotten Island
  • Exit: The Game - The Polar Station
  • Exit: The Game - Dead Man on the Orient Express
  • Exit: The Game - The Mysterious Museum
  • Exit: The Game - Dead Man on the Orient Express


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