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I'm going to order mine in olive drab to make it more challenging to find if I forget where I set it down.
Nice, Brother! My local stationary store had a sale on camo-pattern handled scissors! I'm doubled over laughing so hard I could hardly breathe...and everyone is staring at me: am I the only guy who has trouble finding scissors...? Apparently, yes. I would buy them and send them to you just for posting that! (Yes, I am getting the orange lighter.)
I go with a mini-bic instead of any other gimicy firestarter. Buy the white ones so you can see how much fuel is left.
What's wrong with carrying a lighter? I would rather have a brass or copper Peanut lighter, or a Mini-Bic lighter with a waterproof case. for less than half the price.
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Good point. I generally keep my lighter inside my coat so my body heat keeps the lighter warm. Altitude would be a problem though.
Trust someone from the UP (I assume) when it comes to practical solutions to a problem! Never regretted a moment in the four years I lived in Michigan. The people... Skipping classes when the salmon or steelhead were running... Buying ammo and liquor in the same store... Did I mention the people...? :)
Why can't they ever take pictures with size comparisons. The thing looks freakin huge. C'mon guys, how hard is it to put a quarter in the picture, or in someone's hand?
This is a good point @gartland291 but they're are some pictures in the discussion that may help you out! These things are pretty small.
I really like these...but not $24. I like these at about $10-12...come on, they are aluminum...and not very much aluminum.
Looks cool, but when you think about it rationally, it's kind of lame. If you are going to everyday carry a firestarter, you may as well carry a proper lighter which is convenient to light fires with. As others have said, a peanut lighter is also small enough to carry on your keychain, It's 'O'ring sealed watertight and carries it's own fuel supply, so instant fire. The sealed lid keeps unused fuel for months on end.
....And, if you do use your fuel up (actually lighting fires, rather than your one stored tinder piece), you can still use the flint wheel to produce sparks just like the nanospark. A couple of extra flints can be stored in the fuel compartment and in an emergency, when your fuel and tinder are all gone, you can pull the wadding out of the fuel compartment and use that as tinder to take a spark. - I have experimented with this, and the wadding takes a spark much more easily than the tinder quik-style tinder.
A Chinese peanut lighter will set you back maybe a couple of $. Or you could have a nice County Com Peanut or Split Pea in varying sizes and materials including copper, brass and titanium for about the same price as this one trick pony.
Finally, the flat bottomed ones can also be used as an emergency candle light.
This item is a gimic
EDC Every Day Carry I suppose if you commute to work 4 hours overland, across frozen tundra, then this becomes an EDC item. :\ More like Emergency Dopp Case
Frozen tundra. Worst. Commute. E-ver!
Does this drop come with the tinder pack shown in the pictures? It's not mentioned in the description
It comes with a total of 5 (not 12, as shown) quick tinder pieces. One onside the device plus 4 extra.
I got a shipping email on 24 Nov (shipping to UK) but the tracking only shows movement to 24 Nov. Nothing since then.
Any updates on the order?
Why not just get a Peanut Lighter, probably smaller, and actually has fuel in it...
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Yes, however the peanut lighter will still produce the spark like this item here.
my zippo will do the same man...
I ordered this here on 6/28 (end of drop), it was shipped on 7/12 (estimated ship date 7/24) and arrived to me today, here in NE Georgia, on 7/19.
Like others, I, too, was uncertain about what the optional extra flint kit includes and wondered if it meant I was paying for extra quick tinder pieces.
Here's what I received: one black Exotac NanoSpark (as ordered). It came in a carded package with one quick tinder already inserted in the body of the device. The manufacturer's packaging (card) included a separate compartment with FOUR additional quick tinder pieces (not 12!).
Turns out the optional $5 flint kit includes 5 very tiny micro-sized replacement flints and 2 additional replacement rubber O-ring seals in 2 differing sizes. I hope this information helps members here make an informed decision on a future drop for this product. Cheers!
P.S. no lanyard or large zip-seal bag was included. I added the black lanyard cord and put the entire kit into the zip baggie, as shown in the photo.

Included with each nanoSPARK is a single tinder, coiled up inside the casing and held in place by a clip. The optional kit provides an additional 12. Hope these pictures help!

@srvctec @Tony_m
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" Included with each nanoSPARK is a single tinder, coiled up inside the casing and held in place by a clip. The optional kit provides an additional 12. Hope these pictures help! " The answer was right in the quote?
Single tinder? He said the optional kit provides an additional 12 (assuming tinder since he says nothing about flint)
First if all, you're way late to the party here. Ummm, you didn't read what I quoted, did you? I quoted exactly what was written when I read the response the day it was posted. The reason I quoted it is so I would have proof if it was changed later, which apparently it was after I responded. By that time, the drop was over anyway. Take a look, it says right at the top of my post that you just replied to.
"Included with each nanoSPARK is a single flint, coiled up inside the casing and held in place by a clip. The optional flint kit provides an additional 12 flints. Hope these pictures help!"
That is exactly what was posted and did not answer my question at all at the time it was posted.
Aaaaannnd, crickets from Massdrop. No surprise there. Hope they answer my support request about the tinder being included or not, otherwise I'm going to skip this one. Hey Massdrop, details matter!!!
After a bit of Google searching, I'm not too concerned about the tinder. I've found 25 packs of this same stuff for $6.50 on eBay. And if you buy an even bigger pack the price drops substantially. Tinder quik is the name of the stuff... I'll probably just bite the bullet and get on this drop and order the tinder separately.
Ayyy I go to Purdue!
Someone make a request for a titanium version!
Does this drop include a dozen of the quick tinder pieces? I assume that's what you're trying to say with the picture, but we all know what happens when you assume. And what are we getting in the $5 Flint add on?
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If someone at Massdrop will verify here in this discussion that it comes with the 12, I'll most likely get in on the drop but ONLY if they verify it.
Went to the checkout page and the flint option shows the tinder material. Someone from Massdrop really needs to clear this drop up. Does the basic kit come with tinder or not?