EZ Flares Fender Flares (Full Set For 4 Fenders)search

EZ Flares Fender Flares (Full Set For 4 Fenders)

EZ Flares Fender Flares (Full Set For 4 Fenders)

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39.99 on amazon btw
It's like the garage door seal front lips..... Only 4x the cost
The people buying these must have bad taste in car mods.

That is all.
what does it do?
Since nobody else has bothered to answer you -

It looks like this is basically self-adhesive foam rubber weatherstripping you can stick on to the fenders of your car. It's about a half step up from the stick-on "vents" from Autozone... the half step being that it might actually prevent a little bit of splash getting on the sides of your car. But anybody that's going to drive a vehicle on anything more rugged than a gravel driveway is going to have proper fenders and/or going to realize that this stuff is going to disintegrate/fall off pretty much immediately.
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