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F.A. Seeds Sporting Kits

F.A. Seeds Sporting Kits

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Pocket and Hunting Knife Care Kit

There's just no simple explanation as to why a man carries a pocket knife in today's concrete jungles and electronic circuses. Sure, there's the "always be prepared" line of discussion, and the "never leave the house without it" reasoning, but the answer is probably more complex...which is not exactly a word often used to describe us by our female counterparts. So, while we don't have a better reason than "just because", we do offer this great little kit to take care of blades of all kinds.

Contains Honing Oil, Rust preventative Knife Oil, Rust Eraser and a double sided (coarse/fine) Whetstone. Everything you need to keep that blade in razor sharp condition.

F.A. Seeds Sporting Kits

Hunter's Gun Pack

F. A. Seeds gun oil was specially formulated to meet or exceed United States Army requirements. Tested against other gun oils on the market today, it surpassed them all in a wide temperature range. Hunters will no longer know the frustration of their oil gumming up in freezing temperatures. They can stalk a grizzly bear in Alaska and then go on a safari in Zimbabwe for kudu without changing gun oils. A green oil that rates excellent in oxidation stability (rust prevention) it will pour in temperatures down to -95 degrees.

The pleasant smelling Gun Solvent will tackle the toughest buildups you can throw at it. The Hunter's Gun Pack also contains Wood Dressing for your stock and Leather Conditioner for your straps, holsters and other accouterments.

F.A. Seeds Sporting Kits

Sport's Fisherman Tackle Box

Contains Bug Repellent, Fish Attractant, Reel Oil, Leather Conditioner. F. A. Seeds natural bug repellent and their enzyme based fish attractant along with the finest reel oil and leather conditioner will make your fishing all the more pleasurable.

F.A. Seeds Sporting Kits


  • Whetstone in Knife Care Kit imported, the rest of the items are made in the U.S.A.
  • Choose from one of the three packs available in options


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Estimated ship date is Feb 10, 2014 PT.

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