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Faber-Castell Basic Fountain Pen

Faber-Castell Basic Fountain Pen


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Just got mine! Quick question though, I perceive that the nib on this is a tad thinner and and possibly a bit more flexible than Faber-Castell Loom. So it has some flex to it (I don't want to really overdo it) and pleasant line variation. If you have this pen, is this also true for yours?

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For those who already own this pen, can you comment on the balance? Do you recommend using it posted or no, and how the weight difference of the differing models will affect it.

PS: Does Faber-Castell follow the Western or Japanese standards with regards to nib sizes? I already own an Italix in medium and a Pilot in fine, was thinking maybe an EF or F. Again, a shoutout to owners for your opinion :)
Because of the chrome barrel but lighter materials on the section (rubber and thinner plastic), it's pretty top heavy (especially mine probably because I ordered one with leather wrapping). Yes it's postable but the cap only goes to that small section on the butt of the barrel, adding 2 inches to the length, making it hilariously long when posted:

Length, capped: 5.5 in (14 cm)
Length, uncapped: 5.3 in (13.5 cm)
Length, posted: 7.4 in (18.8 cm)

Perhaps you have a bigger hand and you want to grip the pen on the barrel. In that case.. you do you. If not, probably don't post it. It's also said there in the very first paragraph of the product description. And every review I've read for that matter lol.

Refer to https://blog.gouletpens.com/2014/09/faber-castell-basic-fountain-pen for comparison of nib sizes. It's a German pen, so tends to be on the wider side. Although, I do have a LAMY pen (Safari) and Lamy's Fine point I perceive to be a tad wider. Faber-Castell's EF is comparable to Pilot's F, if not a tad thinner.

The weight is also different for each model, as said in the video, and they also said that we can check the weights on their website (as with all pens they carry) but since Goulet Pens don't carry it anymore, they don't have that info anymore and I can't find them anywhere else.
No option to add a converter on this drop?
Gotta love delayed shipping with no updates.
Still not a single update about the delivery date. What's going on?
I know. Absolutely ridiculous, and not typical of Massdrop ...
What is the new delivery date?
What large cartridge would work in this pen? I want a larger cartridge so i do not have to swap it as much. I like black ink if that helps.
If you decide to buy this, just know that you can't write with the cap on as the center of balance will be above your hand. Flow from this pen isn't the too good either.
Curious about the weight - It’s shows 1.2 oz (34gms) - Being they are made fro different materials, I wonder if they also vary in weight as well.
I love the black carbon fiber.
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Good thought and thanks for checking into it :)
Faber-Castell's US Customer Service department has responded with the following weights:
Fountain pen Essentio metal matt medium (#148520) - 1.3oz
Fountain pen Essentio metal shiny medium (#148500) - 1.2oz
Fountain pen Essentio Black Carbon medium (#148820) - 1.0oz
Fountain pen Essentio Black Leather medium (#148830) - 1.0oz


(ps. Great service by the manufacturer!)
Still waiting. In Spain. What happens?Carlew
Hmmm... carbon fiber 1.0 oz - Seems light. I like(d) the carbon fiber and maybe the Satin...
Thanks for taking the time to look into it and sharing what you learned :)
I just received mine, and it looks and feels a lot better then I expected. My only issue is that this is my first fountain pen so I ordered a Fine nib, but it is a lot thicker then I expected it to be. Does anyone know if the nibs are interchanegable and how I would go about getting an Extra Fine nib and swapping it?

Edit: the satin finish on the body seems to be easily scratched. I have only had it a day and only used it for an hour and it has quite a few marks already. Only had it clipped in my pocket for about 20 minutes prior to using it.

Edit: still using my pain daily and still going strong, 12/14/17
Hi, you can by international nibs and replace with. You can also check with Faber Castell (check closest online retailer or shop) and get a replacement nib in EF. Very gently hold the tip close tot he barrel, screw off and replace with a new one. :)
My dream came true. It got shipped early! :)
I am hoping for the elusive early shipment lol. This is my first fountain pen and I want it now lol
Can anyone with experience comment on the comparison between this pen and the faber-castell LOOM which is also up for a drop?
I have both.. they're the same in terms of nib quality (which is excellent, especially the EF and F). It comes down to looks.