Faber-Castell Basic Fountain Pensearch

Faber-Castell Basic Fountain Pen

Faber-Castell Basic Fountain Pen

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What pens would be similar to this pen? This is my current EDC, and I would like to get another pen similar to this one, but can't seem to find anything. Suggestions?
Is there anyway that I can get a cap replacement? The inside of mine seems to be worn down and will no longer stay posted. It keeps falling off the back end of my pen.
Looking forward to getting this pen and being able to compare it to the LOOM, which is one of my current favorites.

I already picked up a converter from Goulet (only$5) since this drop doesn't offer one.
If anyone is debating purchasing it, just pull the trigger. I have tried quite a few pens so far, none that are more than $50, but nonetheless, this is by far the best pen I own, as well as it being my favorite. It is super comfortable to hold and writes very well. The only thing to note is that it is on the heavier side in terms of weight as it is heavier towards the back end, but it isn't so great that I wouldn't use it. It is a great pen for fountain pen beginners and veterans, in my opinion.
Just got mine! Quick question though, I perceive that the nib on this is a tad thinner and and possibly a bit more flexible than Faber-Castell Loom. So it has some flex to it (I don't want to really overdo it) and pleasant line variation. If you have this pen, is this also true for yours?

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For those who already own this pen, can you comment on the balance? Do you recommend using it posted or no, and how the weight difference of the differing models will affect it.

PS: Does Faber-Castell follow the Western or Japanese standards with regards to nib sizes? I already own an Italix in medium and a Pilot in fine, was thinking maybe an EF or F. Again, a shoutout to owners for your opinion :)
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Oh yea, LOOM‘s section actually has a slight convex curve so it is thicker than the body, and BASIC is almost entirely flat but the rubber section is actually a tad thinner than the body. That’s probably why it feels fatiguing using my LOOM. Also, I have the Matte Gunmetal. The section has some groove to it but I don’t feel like it helps with the grip, so I might be selling it or giving it away.
yeah, I tried out my mom's when i gifted it to her, and I think it might feel just a tad more balanced in terms of the weight, but I definitely felt that the Basic was a lot more comfortable for me.
No option to add a converter on this drop?
Gotta love delayed shipping with no updates.
Still not a single update about the delivery date. What's going on?
I know. Absolutely ridiculous, and not typical of Massdrop ...
What is the new delivery date?
What large cartridge would work in this pen? I want a larger cartridge so i do not have to swap it as much. I like black ink if that helps.
If you decide to buy this, just know that you can't write with the cap on as the center of balance will be above your hand. Flow from this pen isn't the too good either.
Curious about the weight - It’s shows 1.2 oz (34gms) - Being they are made fro different materials, I wonder if they also vary in weight as well.
I love the black carbon fiber.
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Good thought and thanks for checking into it :)
Faber-Castell's US Customer Service department has responded with the following weights:
Fountain pen Essentio metal matt medium (#148520) - 1.3oz
Fountain pen Essentio metal shiny medium (#148500) - 1.2oz
Fountain pen Essentio Black Carbon medium (#148820) - 1.0oz
Fountain pen Essentio Black Leather medium (#148830) - 1.0oz


(ps. Great service by the manufacturer!)
Still waiting. In Spain. What happens?Carlew
Hmmm... carbon fiber 1.0 oz - Seems light. I like(d) the carbon fiber and maybe the Satin...
Thanks for taking the time to look into it and sharing what you learned :)