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Faber-Castell E-Motion Pure Black Bundle

Faber-Castell E-Motion Pure Black Bundle

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Buying a pen like this gives you incentive to write and draw more :)
I have one and I carry to work almost everyday. The weight, the balance, the color, the nib, and the clip all come together to make an almost perfect fountain pen. If you like heavy pens, this is a nice one. The only thing that I wish it had was a nib made out of a nicer material.
I really wish I wrote/draw more just so I can justifying buying this.
I own this pen and it feels so good in my hands. Almost too nice to use. I love how it's black on black. Perfect for writing in the middle of a covert operation.

It’s actually an ok deal with the ink. The ink is very good And the pen is excellent
You can get this pen for cheaper on Cult Pens at the moment, expect to be paying 93pounds + 10 pounds shipping for those not staying in the UK (excluding VAT). That's about $138 without the ink and shipping time of about a week or two. Just bought mine yesterday after checking out the price difference.
Yeah I was thinking the same. I couldn't believe what a poor deal this was, and their inks are hardly exciting so no value there.
I have one of these but the liner (if that's the right term) rotates slightly inside the cap. So it shifts when I open it and when I close it and I fear it will get worse over time as it wears. Makes the pen feel cheap. Anybody have this issue and is it something FC can fix or is it just how the cap is made?

EDIT: Seems like they are all like that. Oh well.
E-Motion is one of my favorite pens. The fine nib is very smooth. And GvFC Moss Green is my favorite green.
GvFC Carbon Black is my fav black by far! Great pens, too.
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