Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencil Setsearch

Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencil Set

Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencil Set

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This is definitely not a deal. The 120 pencils in a tin are only $149. on Amazon. I don't believe the wooden box is worth that much more money.
Great pencils, I have them, but this is not a deal. Cult Pens UK will ship the 120 pencil set, in box, to USA for around US$300. And you'll have it in a week.
Haha! to showcase a set with all these colors they drew A WHITE TIGER!

anyway, these look great- just wish they were a bit cheaper.
Spectacular pencils. Truly. These are oil-based unlike prismacolors that are wax-based so you will not get wax bloom with these. That said, terrible pricing, even at the lower level. If you are in Australia, Kogan has them for about 30% cheaper, sometimes less with eBay discounts.
I paid MUCH, MUCH less for the larger set on Amazon a few months ago than even the base model price here!!!
Not a good deal... The price is much too high.
Is there any update on the last drop? I'm just curious if it is going to make it here by Christmas. Shipping on the 19th, I assume probably not.
Do I understand this at (299.00 for 72) and(299. 00 Plus 85 for the 120 set???????)
My god, can you really be THAT expensive ? What a bargain...

Unfortunately, price is still too high on these. $314.99 lowest price for the 120 count in wooden box, which can be found on Amazon for $279.99 free shipping as well.
A little priceyfor the cost. I'd say Mass Drop is earning %50 margin (and if not fire the sales guy). However if you do get this for someone who is already an artist they will appreciate the gesture. The aesthetic is gorgeous and the quality of the water color pencils rival derwant brands. Don't get this for a hobbiest or someone you are trying to sleep with. They will not appreciate it. Profesionals will know how much you probably over paid and value the gesture.
These are not watercolour pencils- that’s the wonderful Albrecht Durer pencils, not the polychromo, and they are more expensive.
I agree the 120 set is cheaper at staples minus the wooden box. They come in a tin box..Not a good deal on this set.
When a single pencil is used up, how much does a replacement cost?
About $2. I found this website with them available separately https://www.dickblick.com/products/faber-castell-polychromos-pencils-and-sets/
Much cheaper on Amazon.
In the USA, at most online and BnM art supply stores, you can get the 120 pencil set for about $180 - minus the fancy wooden box. NO WAITING. Who is Massdrop kidding?????
This doesn't seem like a good price - I can buy the 120 piece set *with* the wooden box but not including the eraser or sharpener for 300 USD in Stockholm, or 330 at another store. Are they really this expensive in USA?

Edit: I just noticed that the wooden box set is cheaper still on Amazon. Even at the lowest price, this drop is still, like, fifty bucks more expensive. What gives?
Is there any way to make shipping to Mexico posible? If there is, please let me know!
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Will do. Thank you for the speedy reply!
i bought 2 72 set. i did not have eraser and sharpener too...