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Factor Equipment Iconic Compact & Full Size Folders

Factor Equipment Iconic Compact & Full Size Folders

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Based on what community members here discovered, the only two major retailers who also were selling this knife have dropped them from their site. Thanks for your vigilance, Massdrop community - keeping it real since 2012!
Lol, those are my knives in the picture. Never thought my pic on blade forums would create such a stir, rock on!
Seneca18 on BladeForums
Yeah that was a good spot. I know that other Knife stores that Carry this brand are facing pressure to stop as well.
Additionally, it resulted in me reaching out directly to Giant Mouse to get complete, direct information for everyone.
Today, I had a chance to grab lunch with Jim, the CEO of Giant Mouse, to sort it all out and kick some ideas around.
I was also able to take this new photo that I thought the group might like to see:
Hey everyone,
Here is an update for everyone regarding the discussion about design originality of the Factor Iconic offered here.
Here is the message that I received from Jim, the CEO of Giant Mouse:
"It was brought to my attention this week, through comments online and feedback from customers and members of the knife community. Clearly the Iconic knife is causing concern and confusion in the knife community.  One of the comments on your site even asks if Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes are involved in the Iconic rollout in some way.
I’ve attached a photo for your review, which shows a printout of a photo that someone posted online showing our GM1 between two Iconic knives, along with my personal “12 Blades” custom designed and made by Anso and Vox.  The 12 Blades knife was designed and custom made (limited to 12 pieces) by Anso and Vox in 2015.  The 12 Blades knife design, was the basis for the first GiantMouse folder release, the GM1, produced in a limited edition of 400 pieces, also completely designed by Anso and Vox.  You can see from the photo that the GM1 incorporates much of the design of the 12 Blades knife (handle shape, blade shape, pocket clip shape, overall design lines, etc.).
As I mentioned above, it was the knife / EDC community's comments and feedback that brought this to our attention in the first place.  Accordingly, we very much appreciate the professionalism that Massdrop has shown in expressing to your community how serious you take intellectual property protection, and how you’ve let them know that you are reaching out to GiantMouse and Factor for input.”
From top to bottom: 1: Factor Iconic Full-Size 2: Giant Mouse GM1 3: Factor Iconic Compact 4: Anso/Vox "12 Blades"

We've heard back from our vendor that they've reached out to the manufacturer, who they have said is now looking into the original documents related to the Iconic's development. We don't expect to have any further information from them until tomorrow at the earliest.
Based on the best available information, we feel the best thing to do is to end the drop early and cancel any existing orders until we sort it all out. The vendor for Factor agrees that this is the best thing for the community and supports this.
when will this drop again i can't get it now but i do want it and i want to know if i should buy it from the site or wait for it to come up again
Hmm.....I own and like the Giant Mouse1 but it is larger than I like or need.
Perhaps this is the knife for those who want a 3-inch version.
After looking at this knife, and the Giant Mouse, all I can say is that I have lost respect for Fenix & related companies. If you're going to produce a knife (or whatever product), make it your own. Do not blatantly copy another design & make the minimum number of changes to try and call it your own. That's a pretty crappy thing to do & I won't support it.
If you're incapable of designing your own products, at least license it and pay a royalty to the ones you want to copy.
It's painfully obvious how blatantly they copied the GM1.
Please see my edited comments about the brand and update about the drop.
How thick is the blade on both models?
0.12" & 0.14"
This is literally a clone of the giant mouse design. Everything about it is a rip off. literally stolen design. Shame
i agree...very sim design.
Thanks for posting, update above and more to come.
Hey everyone,
There are some great questions and interesting discussion here - not surprising for a new brand.
As the Massdrop community has grown, we've become both a place that people come to discover new products and hobbies - and also a place where new brands come to be discovered.
Personally, I'm very impressed with the knife - they're using very nice steel and carbon fiber, the fit and finish is top-notch, it flips open super smooth and has solid lockup, slides into and out of pockets easily, and has a nice texture in the hand on both materials - mostly smooth, but slightly textured for grip.
[UPDATED: Factor Equipment is not related in any way to Fenix Lighting, except by sharing the same US distribution channels. We previously stated in error that Fenix was Factor's parent company.]
I hope that gives everyone some background about the new company and first impressions of their new product.
An unproven, no name, Chinese made knife for $140? Sign me up!
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They gotta start somewhere :/
Nice knife.... Must.... Resist....
The carbon fiber compact one seems like the sweet spot: 3 inches blade and 3 oz Just my opinion ;)
Is Voxnaes or Anso involved in this design?Because it has very similar desing elements of these two knifemakers (just compare it to the Giant mouse folder or the Viper Fortis/Koyomi)
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Thanks, I think you might recognize that shot in my post with the 12 Blades added ;)
Thanks Jonas. I'm really surprised by their reaction. Here they are, side by side, and it's unmistakable that the Giant Mouse was the design that they were after. Anyone in, or out, of the knife industry can see it in my opinion.