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Faler Brand Bridle Leather Belt

Faler Brand Bridle Leather Belt

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This Belt...

Folks, this belt will last a lifetime. When you hold it, you will understand why. It's made of English Bridle Leather and is tanned in England, and the edges are burnished with beeswax from a local farmer. There is a light hazy coating that is the mark of Traditional English leather finishing, and the belts will patina with time and wear. The buckles available in Heavyweight Brass, Matte Nickel, or Shiny Nickel, and the Chicago screw enclosures forming the loop are made of a matching metal.

Faler Brand Bridle Leather Belt


These are instructions from a previous buy, but we thought the wording was so perfect we are using it here as well

"I custom fit these belts to my customers. The measurement I need is NOT your pant size. You must follow these instructions and provide me the requested belt measurement in order for me to process your order: The best way to determine size is by measuring a current belt that fits you well. Measure the distance from the hole you use most all the way to the other end of the belt, where the leather folds over the buckle. Your belt size is typically a few inches larger than your pant size. I will use your measurement as one hole tighter than the middle hole of a run of 5 holes (1 inch apart) - to account for about 1" of break in stretch in the belt. Remember to double check your belt measurement. **I am not responsible for measurement mistakes or failure to follow above instructions!** "

Faler Brand Bridle Leather Belt


Leather Options

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Natural

Buckle Options

  • Brass
  • Matte Nickel
  • Shiny Nickel
Faler Brand Bridle Leather Belt


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Estimated ship date is Dec 20, 2013 PT.

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