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Finetec Watercolor Paint 48-Color Bundle

Finetec Watercolor Paint 48-Color Bundle

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High-Quality, Lightfast German Paints

Create beautiful watercolor art with these paint sets from original Finetec manufacturer Finetec GmbH. Both the opaque and transparent set come in a sturdy metal case whose lid can be used as a palette for mixing colors. The watercolor pans are mounted on two removable trays, the pans themselves are removable and replaceable, and a paintbrush is also included. Complete with a tube of opaque white paint, the opaque set is great for covering up underlying layers and making bold, vibrant sections of color. Meanwhile, the transparent set is better suited for creating subtly blended and layered watercolor effects. 


Opaque Set

Tube of opaque white paint + 24 colors: black, burnt sienna, cobalt blue, cyan blue, deep crimson, flesh color, French green, gold (metallic), Indian yellow, leaf green, lemon yellow, light orange, light red, light yellow, magenta, olive, Prussian blue, sea green, silver (metallic), turquoise blue, ultramarine, umber, violet, and yellow ochre.

Transparent Set

24 colors: blue green, burnt sienna, carmine, cobalt blue, flesh color, French green, green oxide, Indian red, Indian yellow, lamp black, lemon, orange, Payne's gray, permanent red, Prussian blue, raw umber, turquoise blue, ultramarine, Vandyke brown, vermilion, violet, yellow, yellow green, and yellow ochre.


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