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Firsthand Supply Soy Candle (2-Pack)

Firsthand Supply Soy Candle (2-Pack)

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Can we see Yankee Candle products on Massdrop?
+2 for the summer scents! Can't wait!
I usually make a comment when a product is bad or have a question about a product offered here on massdrop. But today it is a different comment. I have recieved my order of the First hand soy candles and I was so impressed by its performance, i had to leave a quick review of my experiance.

If I can sum it up in two words, it would be BUY THIS. I buy all kinds of brands of scented candles from Yankee Candle to bath and body works and cheap stuff from walmart. These Soy candles beat all those other companies out of the water for one main reason......Longevity. These will burn for a really long time. Use them evertime I take a shower and its been 2 months and the candle is still at 90% full. The wick they use is huge and thick compared to other brands and they smell good too.

The only downside is, its small. But don't let that fool you. This thing last longer than another companies candles that is twice its size.
thats a tough one.. my guess would be about 79.53.
1stFilipe I purchased a bunch of soy candles from Costco a while back. 3 for $15, 10oz each.

I have no doubt your candles are better, though it'd be great if you could let me know how. Here are the Costco ones for reference:
Hey TomaCzar , Josh here, I'm the other co-owner of Firsthand Supply. I'm not able to answer your question with 100% accuracy simply because I couldn't find a list of ingredients used in the candles you are referencing. From our end though, we use high quality soy wax along with a combination of essential and fragrance oils for the scent. We also hand pour and make these candles in small batches. All of those things contribute to the price you are seeing.

The candles you are referencing are a product that would fall under what they call "Economies of Scale". Simply put, the company manufacturing them are able to do so by the 10's if not 100's of thousands in a short period of time spreading costs over a gigantic amount of inventory and using materials purchased in astronomical quantities. Regardless of the ingredients they use, their candles will always be cheaper than ours because of the amount they are able to make at one time. Does that make the candles better? Not necessarily, although it may suggest their manufacturing process is better ;)

Hope that helps answer your question.
What’s the burn time per candle?
We've added the burn time to the drop page, it is 40 hours.

Hey guys! Filipe here I’m Firsthand’s Founder. If you guys have any questions about our candles feel free to reach out!
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Ever thought about putting an extra wick in the box with each candle? It seems like 1/3 of the wax in a candle like this always gets stuck to the side and goes to waste. I have a friend who heats up her candles in hot water to melt the wax and sticks in a piece of candle wick to extend their life, but I'm too lazy to find a store that sells wicks. Would be very happy if they came with the candles. Just a thought...
There’s a few reasons why something like that would happen. The 1st thing is, there’s alot of companies that end up using wicks that are too thin in diameter so they end up not burning through the whole diameter Of the candle and this causes “tunneling“ which is when wax is left over on the sides. The second thing is, when you burn a candle you have to make sure you at least burn it long enough to melt through the whole surface layer or else tunneling can also occur.

We use pretty think wicks, ou shouldn’t have that problem with our candles ;).
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