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Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

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Back in April Microcenter had the Fitbit Charge and Alta HR for 60 bucks.
BUYER BEWARE: Fitbit sent a firmware upgrade for my Fitbit Charge HR, but when I ran the firmware upgrade the Fitbit Charge HR locked up (screen locked showing half charge). I contacted Fitbit, but they said sorry I was passed 1 year warranty period so they would not even try to repair my Fitbit Charge HR if though it was the Fitbit firmware upgrade that caused the problem.

Summary: I have a worthless Fitbit Charge HR due to faulty Fitbit's firmware upgrade. DO NOT INSTALL FITBIT FIRMWARE UPGRADE. People may want to choose a different brand than Fitbit since Fitbit will not take responsibility for problems they cause.
Seriously save your money.

My fitbit charge HR was new unused straight from the manufacturer and lasted less than 6 months before it started breaking. The plastic part that covers the charging cable broke off first, I found someone that printed 3D replacements, fixed it with a little super glue. Ok cool. Next problem was that it just stopped charging all together. It made it just past the warranty, 13 months, stopped charging, and they won't replace it. Got a second fitbit charge HR.


Have a charge 2 now, better quality, better charger, better altogether AND they went back to allowing interchangeable bands so you can get whatever color you want. Only reason I got this was because fitbit is the only thing my wellness program at work allows us to use.
here is my take:
will the band develop a bubble and peel off: yes for sure. It may take months, it may take a year but it will happen. you have a warranty that is good for 1 year where they replace the product (by logging on to their website and contacting them about the defect). They ask for a photo and then send you a replacement and tell you to dispose of the old one. Are two or potentially three charge HR's worth $60? How long do you think the lithium ion battery will last even if the strap did not have a defective design--2 years maybe 3 years at most? I took the chance and got this on the last drop because it is cheaper and does the same thing as the newer version, and I am not confident the newer version will last more than 2 years before the battery becomes unusable. These are disposable, so I really just want to use it hard and see what is available in 2 years time. The only problem with my plan is if the company gets rid of all their charge HR's and there is no replacement left to send out. Then they will offer you a discount (something like 25%) off another product on their website--this will probably be the same price as buying it on amazon.
Given that my wife has gone through 2 of these, each with the exact same problem, I cannot recommend this to anyone at any price over $10. The problem is the same as pointed out more eloquently by others in this discussion. The plastic band, at the center of the watch, comes loose and ultimately falls off making the watch almost impossible to charge. It thus becomes the Fitbit NoCharge HR.

I suspect the designer of this part of the watch claims to have stayed at a Holiday Inn once.
There is also another issue in which it bricks itself (happened to me). My band didn't come lose.
said it before and I'll say it again give us better color options
I've had mine for awhile and no issues. I was going to get this drop but the colors and sizes are not what I use.
Do not buy this version of the Charge HR, the band will peel and break off. All the new versions have detachable and replaceable wrist bands.
I had this 2 times and they offered me a new one becouse it vould keep comming off. it starts to peel of afther half a year (or even less) get the charge 2 or another one
I got one for my wife a year ago. The band started to crack near the sensor about a month ago and it finally broke apart a couple of weeks ago. Luckily that was a few weeks short of the 1 year warranty running out so they sent us a brand new one. My wife isn't any sort of athlete so she wasn't very hard on it. Don't expect these to last very long and the bands are not swappable. You can buy 3rd party replacement bands that include the sensor housing, but you'll need to transplant the sensor unit into the new band when your original one disintegrates.

I have a FitBit Blaze myself. That was a good purchase. The Charge HR? Not so much.
Why not shipping to EU?
Had the charge hr2, the band will eventually bubble and is a well known design flaw in many forums. If it does it within the warrenty period, lucky you. If not, fitbit will tell you tough luck and leave you in the dust.
Buyer beware. Read some of the previous comments on here and read reviews on Amazon. Make sure you are informed on the quality of the device and go from there.
was going to join but damn color options suck
Im in canada so i cant take part.
Will that be the standard for most things here? Anyone know? I have an online shopping addiction ūüė¨ Just kidding. I just love online shopping from start to finish. Love receiving my packages ūüėć
The items sold here can be shipped either USA or Canada or other countries depending on the drop. It usually says the shipping restriction in the description. But Massdrop is an awesome website.

May the shopping addiction begin!
While the Charge HR is a great device I would absolutely NOT recommend buying this. There is a serious design flaw where the band separates from the tracker which cannot be fixed. If you want a Fitbit, do yourself a favor and get one with interchangeable bands. The new Charge 2 looks great and has more features. If you buy this it won't last.
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I've gone through four Charge HRs in a year. I bought one and got the other three as warranty replacements (Fitbit was great to deal with). Three of them had issues with the band as shown and one rebooted every time I tried to connect to it (sync) via Bluetooth. When my last one started to come apart, I ended up buying a used Blaze off a friend. I am much happier with the Blaze.
I had the same problem with the bands. I've gone through 4 of them after replacements. None of them lasted more than 4 months before the band started coming off.
I'm still using the last one, but with a bunch of super glue holding it together ( doesn't look great ).