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Five Brother Heavy Chambray Work Shirt

Five Brother Heavy Chambray Work Shirt

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Hey, did anyone get a size M and decide it was too small? I got a size L and its a bit big and I'd be willing to trade.
Sold out M, great! Only 3-4 in each size?
Ah ha. My actual measurements are NOT as advertised for L.
Put in request for return.
Yes, received my "Large" today. And it is waaaay to slim/narrow for L.
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The Five Brother on our drop is a licensee from Japan that manufactures in California at a higher quality standard for the Japanese/Asian market. They're really the folks behind the resurrection of this classic workwear brand that used to be a pretty strong player in the early workwear days (early 20th century through the 50's). We were lucky to be able to secure some units of their chambray shirts, which is what you see here.
interesting, thanks
Great shirt, received mine today. I have a Large but it's a bit too slim for me. Does anyone have an XL that they're interested in trading for an L?
Received mine today--very impressive. It's extremely well built, and the fit is perfect (large, and it's trim but not snug on me, 5'9", 175 lbs). The stitching, fabric, and details are all superb--very nicely done, Five Brothers!
Please do another drop for this shirt in blue. I got mine in black the last drop and I love it! I'd really like one in blue too. :)
I make selvedge strips and put them in my shirts.
Would I work in this?
can you please let me know what the RN# on the garment. I am looking into how is making these garments in the USA
What is the weight of the fabric please. I'm surprised such a critical detail is not included in the info provided. Thanks.
Hello, according to @TomasV's info, it is something between 5.5 and 6.0oz.
Light weight for work.
Mine looks and feels as expected from the photos. Sleeve length is always the worry for me since I have long arms, but these are just right. I wouldn't call it "skinny", but more fitted than a traditional work shirt.
@Tyler.H -I am not sure but I believe I received a slightly defected shirt.


The top shows how the selvedge is small and on mines it is actually quite big. The reason I bought this shirt was because I liked how they split and the curve from both front and back of the shirt showed. With this bigger patch of chambray I feel takes a lot from what was shown on the first picture compared to mine. I understand it is final sale but if Massdrop showcases a product i would expect it to look like that.
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I sent a similar note (but my LARGE is quite small, short and narrow) asking for return, and I got a form letter from Summer saying "Sorry..." and no return. Please help. I cannot wear this.
Agreed. See my comment below.
All of the orders have been shipped from our warehouse and are now on the way. Once tracking is available, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking information to update in the courier’s system.
If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (
Individual shipments are being prepared now! Our warehouse team received the group's bulk order earlier and have already broken everything down into the individual packages. As soon as your package is scanned into the courier's system an email will be sent with shipping confirmation and tracking info.
Expect another update from us on 5/18 or sooner if something comes up.
If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (
Bulk order shipped! The vendor informed us that the group's order was picked up and is on its way to our warehouse in New Jersey. Based on the tracking provided, the order is scheduled to arrive on 5/13.
Expect another update from us on 5/16 or sooner if something comes up.
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Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Five Brother Heavy Chambray Work Shirt and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.
As soon as the group's order is ready at the vendor's location, they will send the bulk shipment to our warehouse in New Jersey where our warehouse team will break it up into individual orders and ship them. The current estimated ship date from our warehouse is 5/13.
We will keep the group updated throughout the fulfillment process. You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 5/6.
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REALLY wish their XL was in an actual XL chest size, especially for a "work" shirt. You'd think they'd accommodate us thicker guys.
My XL shirt is constricting. Only useful for standing in one position and taking shallow breaths while looking good.
Thanks Ian for clearing the sizing issue. I buy shirts a lot and I agree some shops give the measurement as lay-on-surface and others use the tailor type of measurement.
Sure, you can use either type but the most important thing is to SPECIFY how you measure the garment so we can derive how the shirt will fit (which btw is the most important factor).
Chest and sleeve measurements don't vary by THAT much. It takes about five seconds to determine what method is being used, so I don't really see the issue here. The method used here is also (by far) the most common type used for casual shirts.
Ok, I'm going to address some sizing chart questions since there seems to be some confusion.
These measurements are made off of industry standard garment measurements, which means that if you lay the garment on a flat surface and measure it, you will get these numbers.
-the chest number is the distance from one armpit to the other. Therefore, the FULL chest distance is twice this (because the fabric is doubled up here). So for an XL, the total fabric around the chest is 46", making it good for someone with an actual chest measurement of about 42" (4" allowance is pretty standard).
-the sleeve is measured from the sleeve seam in the armpit to the end of the cuff. Although it's true that some measure from the center back, this measurement is much more difficult to do accurately because there's no seam in the center back and you have to bend the measuring tape weirdly (and your back isn't part of your sleeve, anyway).
I'm happy to answer any specific sizing questions, I just don't want this conversation to devolve into what is and what is not normal. This is an awesome shirt and I want to make sure we focus on that :)
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Hi FJCruiser.
I feel you on going with the black version, it's definitely hard to avoid the indigo overflow in our closets.
The weight standards for chambray fabrics you’re listing are from the perspective of the fabric production industry as a whole, without true correlation for actual wearable item construction. Although chambray fabrics can be produced in weights even beyond 25 oz per square yard; for appropriate usage in the construction of a button-down shirt, 6 oz is more than enough to qualify it as a heavyweight chambray shirt.
Just to give you an example, Sugarcane and Momotaro (two well-known Japanese workwear clothing companies) make some really starchy and beefy chambray shirts and they usually never go past 6 oz. Occasionally you might see a 7, 8 and even 10 oz chambray (Unbranded recently crafted a 10 oz version), which it’s starting to get into a more rare and particular territory of wearability and breaking in period.
You can always alter your order or opt out of a drop by clicking on your profile icon at the top right, choosing Transactions. There should be options to let you edit various things about your order including cancelling. As long as the drop is still live it’s not a problem.
Once again, appreciate the feedback. My correlation, or reference point, are a few RRL Chambray shirts I own. I have canceled my order. Thanks.
Well, the model is wearing a medium. Checking the size chart his chest is only slightly larger than my thigh. Oops.
@cgnoska 21.25" chest measurement is not as mistake, just a positively goofy measuring technique.
Fine. But give me a standard sleeve measurement . The shirt I have on right now has 35" sleeves, measured from the center of the back, the usual way, not measuring only the sleeve itself. That's how it's been done for more than 100 years.
What the heck am I supposed to do with a 26" sleeve measurement? Take of my shirt in the office and look for a measuring tape?
@CheezitsTakeTheWheel Thanks for your interest on this drop! The size L, which you seem to be referring to judging from the 26" sleeve measurement you mention, has roughly 35 1/3 inch sleeves measured the traditional way.
Basically you can gather this figure from dividing the Across Shoulders measurement by 2, and adding the Sleeve measurement provided by the vendor.
Once again, My point is that it's MUCH easier to have a size chart that uses traditional measurements. Why would I wanna to do math problems, however simple, to buy a shirt?
Now that @TomasV has done the math on the sleeve length for me, thank you, I think that in size XL (not L) the sleeve length is gonna be OK for me at 35", but what about the rest of the shirt? What in the H-E doublehockeysticks is a 23" chest? Uh, 46" maybe? That seems kinda skinny. I'd expect an XL shirt to have a chest measurement closer to 54 inches. I guess we need to do still more math to understand how the Five Brother sizing compares to other manufacturers.
Take a look at this garment measurement pdf at Land's End. It contains precisely the type of information we need.
Why not give "normal" measurements? For example, I wear dress shirts sized thusly, 18 1/2" neck, 34/35" sleeves. This translates to 2XL, which has about a 46" chest.
What the heck is a XL with a 23" chest and 26" sleeves?
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The "new way of measuring for the internet" as you call it is BANANAS.
I understand how to do it. I just don't want to. We don't need a new way to measure shirts.
These shirts are small and skinny. I am neither, therefore, I'm out.
LOL... fortunately, i like bananas :) Seriously though, i personally prefer this way of measuring. I think it gives me a better understanding of the size. For example, I dont need half of my back to be included in my sleeve measurement.
The title says "...Heavy..." but I do not see the weight of the chambray specified anywhere. Did I miss that in the product description? What do you mean by heavy? 6 oz? 9 oz? 11 oz?
No XXL? Maybe even XXXL :(
Come on! 46" chest on an XL? That's not gonna cut it!
I picked up one of these back in January from a local shop, easily the highest quality chambray I've got in my closet while being one of the least expensive. Can't go wrong, they're quality! And if you've got broad shoulders like I do, they're cut such that they accommodate while remaining trim throughout the rest of the shirt.
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Oh those? Definitely quality brands. I don't like the double pockets on these as much. What determined quality for you? Was it stitching? Material?
If any/one of your other Chambray happens to be RRL by any chance, how does this compare to RRL quality?
Welcome Five Brother to Massdrop, everyone!
We’re really happy to be able to work with such a classic brand that’s been reimagined for the new menswear market. The construction on these chambray shirts is really superb: from the triple needle construction and selvage gussets, to the more subtle details like appropriate use of their beautiful heavyweight fabric — i.e. front pockets are cut on the bias to allow movement.
Regarding sizes: These are on the slimmer side of true-to-size, I’d take your normal size unless you prefer a loose fit or room for layering. Please refer to the size chart for more details.