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FIYTA Aeronautics Collection Automatic Watch

FIYTA Aeronautics Collection Automatic Watch

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Dead watch arrived yesterday. Please help.
No updates from the support and engineering team after a day. Disappointed with the after sales service.
Toby from massdrop support replied yesterday, saying i need to write in to fiyta directly. Not very happy since it's defective from day 1 for me. Expected a replacement from them.
50m water resistant - 5bar 😂

Are these guys for real?
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Is anyone willing to post their feedback/photos of this watch?

Thank you
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Is the caseback the same as shown in the pictures?
No, its has a different picture. I think the caseback pictured is for the titanium Mars edition only.
will this ship before new year?
I am somewhat interested in the non-commemorative, so please let me know if you are selling. Thank you.
Me too
That's an awful lot for a Chinese watch, especially considering you can have a "Swiss made" chronograph with a genuine Valjoux 7750 movement for less (e.g. Hamilton, Bulova).
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The 7754 is based on the 7750 but trades its weekday wheel for a GMT hand.
Search for Bulova's Accuswiss models on eBay. It's a discontinued line featuring either Valjoux 7750 or Selitta's equivalent chronograph. A lot of them go below $300. Not bad for a Swiss Made chrono watch.
I have a question for someone at FIYTA: With the design of the GA8370.WBW | Non-commemorative Edition of this watch there are small crater like imprints on the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock subdails. Are these imprints just decorative or do they represent certain locations on the moon (e.g. the Sea of Tranquility, etc.) or maybe somewhere else? Very curious to hear the answer-- thanks!
I've been waiting a long time for a good price on a space inspired FIYTA-- thanks Massdrop! Just was wondering if anyone has any details on the movement (which Shanghai model is it based on?) and/or can comment on their experiences with it? Thanks in advance for the feedback.
Just got mine in the mail, looks fantastic! But does anyone else's watch sounds like there's metal scrapping noises when you shake it, is this just who the moment sounds? I have a watch with an ETA7750, and it doesn't sound anything like it....
Some watches have loud rotors regardless of quality. Hamilton Jazzmasters are notorious for it on watch forums. The Valjoux/ ETA7750 you mention isn't immune either, but it seems like you got a good one :)
Thanks for the reply. Turns out the screw holding the rotor down came lose and it was indeed scraping the back plate. But I opened the watch and screw it back down. Works great now!