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Flash Point Board Game Bundle

Flash Point Board Game Bundle

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No I in Team

Game night is a fondly held household tradition, but all too often, we’re pitted against our family and friends instead of enjoying their company. Giving you a cooperative mission to focus your efforts on, the Flash Point Board Game turns you and your loved ones into a full blown fire department intent on extinguishing an out of control blaze.

Flash Point Board Game Bundle

First Responders

At the start of each game, a distress call is placed that sets the team on full alert. After choosing specific roles for each player (Paramedic, Hazmat, Driver/Operator), you work together to save victims, extinguish flames, and move throughout the collapsing building. Easy to explain and only requiring an hour to play, the game can be made more interesting by alternating rule sets (family and experienced) or navigating the three difficulty levels.

Flash Point Board Game Bundle

Spread the Fire

If the base game alone isn’t enough to get you aboard the fire engine, how about some expansion packs? The Urban Structures expansion pack gives you two new buildings and a new firefighter type, 2nd Story spreads the action over two floors, and Dangerous Waters takes to the high seas with a ship and a submarine. The most complete expansion, Extreme Danger, includes six new buildings, more miniatures, and more tokens for in-game play, as well as a box to hold the other expansions. Each expansion comes with the necessary game board and scenario specific rules.

Flash Point Board Game Bundle
Flash Point Board Game Bundle


  • Meant for 2 to 6 players
  • 30 minutes play time
  • 2 rule sets (family and experienced)
  • 3 difficulty levels

Urban Structures

  • 1 double sided mounted game board
  • 1 Structural Engineer specialist card
Flash Point Board Game Bundle

2nd Story

  • 2 double-sided mounted game boards
Flash Point Board Game Bundle

Dangerous Waters

  • 2 double-sided mounted game boards
Flash Point Board Game Bundle

Extreme Danger

  • Six building configurations
  • Firefighter specific miniatures
  • Gameplay tokens
  • Box for expansion sets
Flash Point Board Game Bundle

Bundle Contains

  • Flash Point
  • Urban Structures
  • 2nd Story
  • Dangerous Waters
  • Extreme Danger
  • Veteran & Rescue Dog Accessory pack


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